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Best Adjustable Beds UK 2023

This article will help you to find out the best adjustable beds in the UK for your comfortable and convenient sleep all over the night according to your needs.

Our resource team is always ready to remove or reduce your tension of choosing a good and adjustable mattress.

Take a look below to choose the best among the seven bed.

Our Top 2 adjustable beds Overview

i. Sleepkings 5ft Adjustable Electric Bed

Sleeping’s adjustable electric bed uses high-quality materials for better mechanism and adjustable base platform covered with a beautiful brown faux leather.

It comes with two single adjustable bed, two mattresses and a headboard. The mighty motor of this bed is quite and also low power consumption.

ii. Majestic 5ft Twin Electric Adjustable Bed

Majestic 5ft twin adjustable bed offers far stronger and solid movable base which is heavier than the traditional or standard construction.

The base is flat packed and makes the access easier with all the fitting already attached. The beds are easy to assemble according to ones preferred choices base position.

Best Adjustable Beds Reviews 2023

Here are our 7 best electric adjustable beds reviews UK 2023.

1. Sleepkings 5ft Adjustable Electric Bed

sleepkings Adjustable Electric Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Size 5ft king
  • Material Faux Leather
  • Style contemporary
  • Comfort adjustable bed

Sleeping’s 5ft is one of the best comfortable and adjustable electric bed in the UK. This bed will come with two single sizes adjustable electric bed, two memory foam and one beautifully matching headboard where the foundation padded within brown faux leather.

The bed itself has all the adjustability and comfort you required for better sleep.

The bed has excellent power but quiet motor, which even consumes less power when in standby mood. It has a secure control system for adjusting the neck and back section. The centre section is static, but it also can be changed or modified softer or firmer depending on the choice.

It will come with two memory foam mattresses which covered in soft knitted covers. The covers are easily removable and washable for further use. The memory foam is high solidity polyurethane foam with excellent posture system.

The memory foams are very highly qualified and help to reduce back pain, pressure points and gives you additional comfort. It also uses all the hypoallergenic materials to keep you away from any bacteria.

The whole package delivered to your door. The company is always available for your any query and in help of installation.

Short Key Features:

  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent posture
  • Reduce pressure points
  • Adjust neck and back section


2. Majestic 5ft Twin Electric Adjustable Bed

Majestic TWIN Electric Adjustable Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Material wood, Polyurethane
  • Size as required
  • Brand Backcarebeds
  • Best for self-assemble

The majestic electric bed is an excellent choice for them; whoever is finding an adjustable bed to adjust the base according to their need. The foundation made of German electrical adjustable bed mechanisms that have powerful whisper-quiet motors.

The 5ft twin bed supplied with sophisticated wooden feet with cushioned pads and no drawers. This bed has a straightforward operating system to operate, having hand control which adjusts the neck and back sections, the centre section is static. It also can be modified to be softer or firmer for preferred comfort. It is designed for heavy people up to 18st (115kg) for their convenience. It has eight hard-wearing materials and colors.

The electric adjustable bed comes with a memory foam mattress which is 8 inches thick, and high quality comes with a soft touch and clean knitted zip-off cover. The cover is removable and washable for further use. All the fillings or ingredients used in the mattress are hypoallergenic. It will keep you away from any bacteria or allergy.

The majestic bed comes with a headboard with type 1, a simple curved and type 2, a simple rectangular. Both provide flat panel to keep you straight. The company also offer a variety of three headboards which curved with piped border and extra depth—type 5 for shaped headboard six type is a stunning headboard. Adjustable beds are 6.6 inches long as a standard size.

Short Key Features:

  • More solid and stronger
  • Havier than traditional construction
  • Easier access
  • Easy to self-assemble


3. Sleepkings Quality 3ft Electric Bed

sleepkings Quality Electric Bed Single Adjustable Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Material Metal
  • Frame 5 part adjustable
  • Best for multi-slat motorized

Sleepkings adjustable beds are well furnished and the quality 3ft electric bed covered in a cream chenille fabric. The bed comes with 8 inch CoolMax memory foam mattress with a super matching headboard.

The adjustable bed has a retaining bar and has five parts which are highly flexible according to your need, including the back, neck and the knee.

The bed has fully assimilated sprung slats for easier access. And the remote control system consumes less voltage. It has multi –slat motorized system with six buttons

The nylon brushed metal fitting has a quiet operation system. The also offers 24 months of guarantee on the frame and even on the motors.

It can be a rise in a comfortable position to watch TV in front of the bed. And no one has to do struggle on getting on or out of the bed while using this bed. This adjustable bed also give solution to those who are having a problem with breathing while sleeping and lungs problems. This bed is a simple solution for almost all sleeping issues.

Sleepkings quality bed offers free delivery to your doorsteps within the UK and assemble facility in case of your need.

Short Key Features:

  • Fully integrated sprung slats
  • 5 parts adjustable bed
  • Cream chenille fabric


4. Electric Adjustable Rise Raise Recliner Divan Bed

Electric Adjustable Rise Raise Recliner Divan Bed Set

Short Product Specification:

  • Style Modern
  • Capacity 4ft Small Double
  • Height 62 cm
  • Best for dual motor

The rise raise recliner bed is a fully adjustable electric bed which has a dual-motor system. The dual-motor system allows the user to control his head, neck and foot end independently. 5ft or 6ft bed comes in two separate bed which adjusted in preferred position. The electric bed base has deluxe castor wheels and provides a headboard bolt, extra headboard.

This electric adjustable beds comes with a memory foam mattress including a super soft knitted cover which removable and dry clean for further clean use. The mattress is of reflex foam give you a firm or medium feel with extreme support to your body. The bed will provide you with different and more comfortable feeling than a traditional memory foam mattress without feeling hot while sleeping.

Overall height of the bed is approximately 62 cm, including the mattress, and the thickness of the mattress is 16cm. The construction of the bed is highly qualified and sustainable.
The electric adjustable divan bed is manufactured by the UK, ensuring the highest quality and durability. And the delivery is full free within England and south wales.

Short Key Features:

  • High quality and durability
  • Constructed with sustainably sourced timber
  • Luxurious castor wheels


5. Imperial Opulence Bed with Memory Foam Mattress

Imperial Opulence Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Bed Capacity 90 x 190 cm
  • Mattress typevisco-elastic
  • Available sizes 8
  • Best for low -voltage luxury system

The Imperial adjustable bed comes with a five-fold adjustable bed which has an integrated mattress support system. It provides a Visco-elastic 8-inch mattress which designed and manufactured in the UK to give superior comfort and reduce the number of tosses and turn during sleeping throughout the night.
The mattress has a unique system in response to the sensuosity of the temperature to absorb the changing climate easily. It helps to reduce the pressure from specific parts of your body for better movements.

The five-fold adjustable bed equipped with a practical handset which is user-friendly and multi-function It has luxurious six-button, low voltage handset. The bed is well furnished and meet the necessary electric requirements and regulations set by the European and British fire standard.

The bed base is 13 inch in height with two-inch caster wheels.

The Opulence electric bed offers a complete solution of comfort setting at a low price. It provides support to five important areas-head, back, neck, hips and knees. It can take up to the weight of 18 stones and can maximize it to 22 stones with the new price.

The beds are available in various sizes and offer free delivery to your doorsteps within England.

Short Key Features:

  • Five-fold adjustable bed
  • Integrated mattress support system
  • Smooth and responsive control
  • User-friendly and multi-functional


6. Sleepkings 3ft Single Electric Adjustable Bed

sleepkings Single Electric Adjustable Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Type: Adjustable Bed
  • Size: 3FT Single
  • Firmness: Medium Soft

Sleepkings 3ft electric bed comes with an 8-inch CoolMax memory foam mattress matching with a cream headboard. The base fabric is chenille, and the headboard is in cream. It includes the five-part adjustable framing system including back, neck and knee adjustment.

It also provides a multi-slat motorized unit system of 6 buttons with low voltage luxury handset which is also very quiet in operation with its nylon brushed metal fittings and fully combined sprung slats. It makes the adjusting system very smooth and comfortable.

The bed has a heavy-duty coated beech frame, and the head can be raised to a sitting position to reduce the moving problem. It has highly qualified German motors, and five-way adjustable mechanism also has foot and stop bar unit from keeping the mattress in place. 3ft single bed has a 6.6-inch long mattress which is longer than a regular single bed available in the market.

The Sleepkings beds are imported from the UK directly. The company offers a 24-month guarantee on the motors and 12 months on the frame of the bed. They also provide the installation service for your convenience and delivery to your doorsteps.

Short Key Features:

  • Foot and stop bar
  • Easily usable
  • Adjustable mechanism


7. Modern EU Super King Size 6ft Electric Bed

Modern EU Super King Size 6ft Electric Bed Adjustable

Short Product Specification:

  • Type Platform Bed
  • Item Weight 71 Kg
  • Weight capacity of 600 kg
  • Best for the controller memory system

With this modern adjustable bed, one can discover a whole new era of comfortable sleeping according to one’s preferred positions. The bed doesn’t only just give an everlasting flexible comfort also provides a modern look with its minimal design.

This bed controlled with a wireless remote at any time, and it is always ready to give an experience of superior relaxation. The process is very much easy to access and operate.

The bed provides the facility of setting up headrest as your choice, and also you can raise your leg part according to your need to relieve from back pain.

The bed has NASA approved zero gravity system for relieving back pain and give proper support to the specific part of the body.

It has both the head and foot part moving system; it set up to any desired position of the users. The linen fabric with a modern bed in grey color reflects the combination of beauty and comfort as a neutral color is perfect for any room.

Short Key Features:

  • Fully adjustable
  • Zero-gravity position
  • Controlled with a practical remote


What is an adjustable bed

An adjustable bed is something that used according to one’s needs. It called the zero –gravity or electric bed. The electric bed refers to an adjustable bed in which base power can be controlled, elevated to get the favored position.

One can just lift or elevate the areas of the platform to an upper or lower status. Its electric moving facility makes it or create a zero-gravity effect as it usually controlled by an electric power-driven hydraulic motor.

The motor helps to control the moves according to your choice to adjust your needs. When you come home tired after long day work adjustable beds are perfect for relaxation and comfort.

This bed is comfortable and also helps to reduce your snoring by e holding the head straight during sleep.

The best side of this bed is it can be changed, or you can just change the mattress position at any time according to your needs. Electric adjustable bed are also known as a nursing bed or care bed for its versatile moving system, planned for individual needs.

Who needs an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed can change position according to its users’ needs, so it is suitable for those who are not feeling comfortable with the traditional base or whoever changes their choice from time to time. Below people can go for an adjustable bed to meet their ultimate need:

  • People who don’t comfortable with traditional base or platform areas and want to change the position at any time for their excellent.
  • Those who are having a problem with snoring during sleep, they can go for this bed as it will help to elevate their head straight to reduce snoring.
  • Whoever looking for additional comfort and enhanced support to get rid of chronic and muscle pain. It will help to protect the body like a hospital bed.
  • This bed is the best solution for comfort lovers and wants comfort according to their changing moods.

Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

The flexible and advanced adjustable bed base is no longer just suitable for hospitals only. An adjustable power base can enrich the sleep experience to improve several health problems. And it gives an additional lifestyle enhancement. An adjustable bed can provide a different kind of health benefit like:

  • An adjustable bed is best for its well-supportive platform or base to reduce back pain and prevent neck aches with more support than a traditional base. This bed gives support to the spine to alleviate pressure on the nerve by allowing the mattress to be sync with both head and foot. Positioning or moving system of this bed allows for sleeping comfortably on neck, shoulder or in back.
  • A bed with an adjustable base also can reduce the problem of heartburn and acid reflux by giving the chance to sleep according to one’s need and helps to healthier digestion with better sleep.
  • Snoring is a common problem nowadays with many people. It occurred for lying flat when the neck gets extra weight. But the adjustable bed is suitable for lifting the heads, and the gravity allows to reduce the pressure, which helps to eliminate the snoring problem.
  • Like the snoring problem asthma and sleep apnea is a kind of breathing problem that also can occur for bad sleeping position. And here again, comes the adjustable bed with the solution for this kind of breathing problem as sleeping in a more angled position can reduce the breathing problem. Ad with the electric bed you can relax in any base position.
  • The people who are affecting the problem of insomnia cannot sleep well night after night, it can be caused because of pain or for anxiety of mind. An adjustable bed can offer asleep without any pain and a comfortable environment for the relaxation of mind.
  • Keeping the body in proper position all over the night ca enhance the air circulation properly and regulate the body circulatory system in appropriate condition, which is possible only with an adjustable bed.
  • The problem of getting out of bed is a common problem in any age, illness or any health issue or accident. A base of an adjustable bed can be a perfect solution or aid for assisting in independency in getting out of the bed.
  • There is a significant illness called leg swelling, which occurred for lying flat at night. For this reason, the hospitals use an adjustable electric bed for their pregnant and ill patient.
  • An adjustable electric bed can offer waking up without any ache or back pain that can provide a refreshing body and mind throughout the day. A smooth and healthy lifestyle can be lead with the help of this bed.
  • Edema is one of the universal health issues for older and pregnant women which caused because of working on feet, leg regularly. This problem can cause severe diseases like skin ulcers and also can interfere in blood flow in the future. This health issue can occur with the use of an electric bed.

Summary – Which Adjustable Beds Should I Buy?

Anyone who is looking for the best adjustable beds needs to consider its price and other qualities also.

Almost all the adjustable bed offers practically the same kind of facility of moving the base or platform position.

Still, Sleepkings 5ft Adjustable Electric Bed must be the best among the adjustable electric bed discussed above for its more versatile qualities and health benefits.

Last Updated on 18th September 2023

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