Best Cheap Mattress UK

Best Cheap Mattress UK (Budget Bed Under £200)

In this article, the best cheap mattresses are reviewed with their potential possibilities with the user fit back. If you are searching for a bed within £200, then don’t go elsewhere.

This article is where you should spend some time with a cup of coffee and explore your required one.

Best Budget Mattress Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 best price mattresses in the UK in 2023.

1. Inofia Mattress

Inofia Mattress

Short product specification:

  • Color- White
  • Dimension- 200 by 150 by 22 cm
  • Weight- 29.1 kg
  • Firmness- Medium
  • Materials- Memory foam
  • Best for Long term guaranty

Inofia Mattress brings about a revolutionary introduction in the market with its quality-certified features, including a pain-free experience, comfortable, refreshing, spine-friendly experience at affordable pricing. The mattress comes with pressure-relieving comfort that helps to enhance the sleeping efficiency and night experience. The high-density foam ensures better support to the bones and joints as the body sinks into the softness rather than feeling the weight of its own against the bed surface.

The Inofia comes with a 7-zoned pocket spring system that is clinically proven to be beneficial to align the spine and play roles against aches and pains. The spring pocket distributes the body pressure equally through the bed surface and also spread the body weight properly while aligning the spine.

Inofia ensures a refreshing and comfortable experience with its variable fresh feature. Its high elasticity foam and high density provide better elasticity and reaction motion against the body pressure. The 3-D breathable knitted cover gives a comfortable experience to lean on.

The breathable cover won’t let the surface be heated and thereby gives refreshed experience. The non-woven and sterile fabric layer inside provides better and slow movement of the body with a refreshed feeling. Inofia comfort features are designed in such a manner that won’t let you behind with an uncomfortable experience.

Inofia believes in sleeping. So they let the users try out a 100-night risk-free trial for any of their mattresses. Last but not least, a 10-year guaranty tells the story of their durability and quality.

Short Key Features:

  • Super comfortable
  • Pain-relieving and spine friendly
  • Made by premium materials
  • Moderate weight
  • 10-years guaranty


2. Vesgantti 5FT King Size Mattress

Vesgantti 4FT6 Double Mattress

Short product specification:

  • Color- Classic Boxtop
  • Dimension- 190 by 137 by 26 cm
  • Weight- 29 kg
  • Firmness- Medium
  • Materials- Memory foam
  • Best for Pain relief support

Vesgantti 5FT King Size Mattress comes with a lot of premium features and refreshing qualities. The mattress offers the best variety and comfort at a friendly price. It has an individually wrapped spring, which is designed with special care that provides excellent support to relieve seven pressure points (feet, legs, hips, waist, shoulders, neck, head).

Vesgantti comes with a costly comfort system. It provides multilayer Breathable Foam, which is Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and baby-friendly. It lets the air circulate swiftly and thereby allows the body to sweat and moisture go and keep the body dry and hygienic.

The mattress is ultra-quiet, which has excellent shock absorption and resilience. The advanced shock absorption system can effectively absorb noise and vibration as a result of turning. This bed also ensures that there is no wake-up noise and no disturbance during night sleep and upon movement of any member. The mattress allows us to have a sound and peaceful sleep.

Vesgantti mattresses are made with hard and tough craft. They allow you to try it for 100 nights at home. They let the consumer express their disturbance if there is any and try to sort it out as soon as possible with great professionalism.

Most importantly, they deliver the mattress with great care. The bed is vacuum sealed and neatly rolled in a box. The company also ensures a smaller size, which is easy to carry and restore in 10 seconds after unpacking, and It takes at about 72 hours for complete expansion.

Short Key Features:

  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Better customer service
  • Stress and pain-relieving
  • 100-night trial option


3. DOSLEEPS Double Mattress

DOSLEEPS Double Mattress

Short product specification:

  • Color- White
  • Weight- 29.8 kg
  • Firmness- Medium
  • Materials- Fabric
  • Dimension- 190 by 135 by 22 cm
  • Best for Money back guaranty

DOSLEEPS Double Mattress promises to give you a better night sleeping experience with comfort and peace. It comes with various features that ensure an excellent night experience. It comes with an innovative 9 Zone support system, which is constructed with individual spring coil pockets.

The spring coils are made of tempered stainless steel, which is mounted in the pocket like a bucked shape. The springs are compressed and sealed within the fabric pocket to cancel the noise of spring coil collusion. The spring coils are there to eliminate pressure points, lower back pain and motion disturbance.

The mattress is consisting of a smooth fiber surface of TENCEL Lyocell fibers. This fiber absorbs more moisture than cotton efficiently and effectively. This fabric helps to maintain the average body temperature and thereby enhances the natural thermal regulating mechanism of the body. This system ensures your skin keeps pleasantly dry and cool during the night to present a sound sleep.

The mattress comes with a memory foam option in addition to an individual pocket spring coil. This extra memory foam layer improves the bed’s comfort by reducing pressure on the neck, hip, and spine area by up to 87%. The mattress helps to reduce the body’s turn by absorbing pressure during night sleep.

This mattress also gives a 90-day money-back guarantee. If there is any disturbance, they allow 90 days to change their mind and a money-back guarantee, one of the best options in the market.

Short Key Features:

  • Durable and relaxing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Helps to release joint pain
  • Better customer service
  • 90-days money-back guaranty


4. Grey Linen Memory Foam Divan Bed

Grey Linen Memory Foam Divan Bed

Short product specification:

  • Weight- 24.6 kg
  • Firmness- Medium
  • Materials- Fabric
  • Dimension- 190 by 135 by 26 cm
  • Best for Headboard and drawer space

Grey Linen Memory Foam Divan Bed supplies a better quality mattress with many suitable features. It ensures better customer support with highly recommended reviews on the market. This mattress offers you a sound sleep, which you cannot think of ever before.

This mattress comes with a luxury grey divan base with two drawers on the same side. This base allows the users a vast space to keep their odd products when they required them. The drawers give extra space to keep the household clean by keeping various products in those drawers.

The mattress also comes with a cubed design headboard that is 32″ high. This system gives a unique design that most of bed doesn’t offer at this price level. This headboard adds an extra level of aesthetic beauty. The headboard can also use as an isolation border from the room wall or space, which is quite handy.

The mattress has memory foam with sprung support. As we know, memory foam gives an extra yard of comfort level to the bed. Memory foam is also more comfortable than fabric, which helps to dry out sweat and keeps the body fresh and dry for a long time. The mattress gives a medium level of firmness suitable for the spine and joint points of the body.

Short Key Features:

  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a headboard and drawers
  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic
  • Helpful for joint pain and spine
  • Budget-friendly


5. HomyLink 4FT6 Double Mattress

HomyLink 4FT6 Double Mattress
HomyLink 4FT6 Double Mattress

Short product specification:

  • Weight- 14.8 kg
  • Materials- Fabric
  • Firmness- Harder than medium
  • Dimension- 190 by 135 by 23.5 cm
  • Best for Lightest weight

HomyLink 4FT6 Double Mattress Is one of the better options in the market that comes with a lot of exciting features. This mattress is harder than medium in firmness level with a high-density knit layer, which is further beautified by a stylish European pattern. The bed provides velvety sleep, which is more skin-friendly and more breathable.

This mattress is one piece of beauty with healthy and skin-friendly features. It is made with 100% naturally hypoallergenic and Anti-biosis, Anti-odorization, Anti-allergy, and Anti-mites comfortable fabric. The 3D Breathable fabric is beneficial to breathe in and out, making every night super comfy and cool without extra heat and sweat.

The mattress has individual spring fiber bags which separately lined to give a better comfortable posture. The spring bags works individually and provides tangential support for the body parts. The spring bags also provide localized bounce to the body to give better elasticity to your partner’s uninterrupted sleeping experience.

The mattress helps solve the sleeping problem with its gel memory foam layer, which slowly adjusts with body weight and temperature. The gel foam creates a buffer layer that gives the best comfort. The massage convoluted wave foam of the mattress helps promote blood circulation in good condition, thereby relaxing the muscles and releasing the body stress.

Short Key Features:

  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-allergic
  • Friendly for joint pain and spinal stress
  • Luxurious and premium


6. Silentnight Posture Support Mattress

Silentnight 2800 Pocket Natural Wool Mattress

Short product specification:

  • Weight- 39 kg
  • Firmness- Extra firm
  • Materials- Fabric
  • Dimension- 190 by 135 by 24.5 cm
  • Best for Bio-friendly features

The mattress is not the piece of a luxury nowadays, but it has become an essential part of our daily usage. Silentnight Posture Support Mattress brings you the best possible features within a limited budget.

The mattress comes with better support and durability. It includes Miracoil spring system technology that gives strength and durability. The spring bags work as a separate unit that gives zoned support to provide the support required by your body parts. The spring also distributes the body weight equally to the bed, so it allows for a better experience and disturbs the free sleeping experience of your partner.

The mattress has got better positioning and posture to offer to its users. It has a generous depth of 24.5cm, which gives a better position and bed positioning to your body. The mattress is eco-friendly that adds to your comfort level.

The mattress gives an extra firm bed, which, in some contexts, provides a traditional feel. The hand-tufted firm surface provides the premium with a feel suitable for people who have arthritis and joint pain. This mattress also offers better sleeping and resting experience.

Being bio-friendly is one of the major issues nowadays. The is mattress coming with bio-friendly features that are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. It enhances the air circulation in the bed surface and ensures a proper dry and cool bed for sound sleep.

The most important feature is that it is made in The UK product, which adds to its quality standard. The premium feel, along with Silentnight’s 5 Year manufacturer warranty, gives the mattress a new sensible product.

Short Key Features:

  • Better posture and positioning
  • Hypoallergenic and bio-friendly
  • Luxurious and premium
  • Comes with 5-years manufacturer warranty


7. Sleep Factory Limited 4FT6 Double Memory Foam

Sleep Factory Limited 4FT6 Double Memory Foam

Short product specification:

  • Weight- 28 Kg
  • Firmness- Medium
  • Materials- Foam
  • Dimension- 190 by 135 by 24.5 cm
  • Best for- Fast delivery support

Sleep Factory Limited 4FT6 brings mattresses with a lot of nice quality products to the market. They ensure not only the best quality but also better comfort and luxury within a moderate price range. They add plenty of comfort features.

The mattress is comfortable with its medium firmness comfort rating. Hard or too-soft foam can be unacceptable for people having joint pain or spine problems. But medium firmness level guarantees that new acceptance for people with such issues. The medium-firm mattress distributes the weight equally to the entire bed and thereby maintains a perfect equilibrium.

The mattress has pocket spring options. The pocket springs work as an individual unit that distributes the weight perfectly to the bed. Spring pocket releases the pressure point of the body and thus relieve stress and pains in joint. Moreover, springs also give counter bounce against point pressure and therefore make sure that your partner doesn’t get disturbed during your movement at night.

The mattress is manufactured in the UK to give confidence to the UK maintains British quality standards for all products. The bed has given extra comfort and confidence to its consumer while using. The mattress company also ensures quick delivery only inside European countries within a short time and is maintained by them.

Short Key Features:

  • Standard Quality
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Luxurious and premium
  • Gives quick delivery within Europe


8. Yaheetech 4ft6 Double Mattress

Yaheetech 4ft6 Double Mattress

Short product specification:

  • Weight- 26.2 Kg
  • Firmness- Medium
  • Materials- Fabric
  • Dimension- 190 by 137 by 22 cm
  • Best for Fire resistance

Yaheetech 4ft6 Double Mattress comes to the market with many challenges to offer with its various options and luxurious quality. The mattress is regarded as an orthopedic Mattress. It comes with a 7-Zone Orthopaedic ergonomic design, which is constructed by individual spring coil packets and is good for body shaping.

Every spring coil is made of stainless steel, which is shaped into a bucket size. These springs ensure uninterrupted and motion-free sleep, especially when someone lays beside you and keeps twisting and turning beside you.

That’s because the spring bags distribute the body weight equally to the mattress’s surface so that the other partner won’t get disturbed anyway. Moreover, these spring coils are also good for muscle pain, joint pain, and spinal stress.

The mattress supports hundreds of quality and stainless pocket springs. There is an 11-layer body support system built with high breathability. The bed is also dirt-free, mite free, and has double-stitched cylindrical decorations that give better durability and strength. The bed is also fire resistant with standard flammability tasting. (Fire-Safety, standard UK fire-retardant treatment. Flammability certifications: BS 7177 and SI. 1988 No.1324)

The mattress is used with memory foam. The memory foam sucks pressure and leaves no opposite reaction that may interrupt sleep. This mattress also improves air circulation and thereby went no possibility to have a night with a sweaty and wet feel. Instead, it gives fresh, dry, and comfortable night experience.

Short Key Features:

  • Comfortable and Luxurious
  • Dustproof, mite proof
  • Fire-resistant and secure
  • Luxurious and premium
  • High-quality packaging and delivery


9. Bed Centre Grey Linen Memory Foam Divan Bed

Grey Linen Memory Foam Divan Bed

Short product specification:

  • Weight- 23.5 kg
  • Firmness- Medium
  • Materials- Fabric
  • Dimension- 190 by 120 by 26.6 cm
  • Best for Luxury and premium feel

Bed Centre Grey Linen Memory Foam Divan Bed is a better option for mattresses and beds in the market. It comes with a lot to premium features with comfort and class. The foundation provides luxurious opportunities. The cushion includes a luxury grey divan base, which is a premium feature at this price range.

The divan base can cover the lower part of the bed and add to your bedroom’s beauty. Besides, the grey color divan cover can hide the products kept underneath so you can enjoy luxury with comfort.

More luxury features were added to it by introducing a cubed headboard. The headboard is 32″ high. This headboard adds another beauty to your bed and gives more luxury and premium feel. The headboard also keeps the bed separated from the wall or other sight.

The mattress also has a memory sprung mattress. Memory foam is a better absorbent and thereby keeps your bed dry and fresh. The air circulation of the mind sprung is too impressive. If you sweat, better air circulation lets you cool down and dry within a few moments. The foam also has better responsive support that distributes the bodyweight equally.

Short Key Features:

  • Comes with headboard
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Helps to reduce joint pain
  • Luxurious and premium
  • Budget-friendly


Buying Guide of Budget Mattress

There are several facts you should consider before buying a new mattress. There is some basic need, on which bed should select. These are

Mattress Type: The first criteria are the mattress type. Which type of mattress that you need? There is a lot of beds in the markets and they are conducted with different purpose of use.

Firstly, Memory foam. Just like the name, this kind of foam only contains memory foam. These mattresses are known for their excellent support, pressure relief, and body contouring. But this kind of bed has a lousy reputation and is getting hot during sleep.

However, nowadays, many new mattresses are designed with different cooling properties. These are best for sleepers who want a great hug, body shaping, contour, pressure relief, and support.

Secondly, Latex. These mattresses are made exclusively from latex foam. These mattresses are better for their cooling properties and comfort. Latex is known for its exceptional support, bounce, and cooling Thirdly, Coil. This system is made of a unique spring coil or pocket. The spring coil is better for movement and bounces to feel. These are better for strong support, cooling, rebound, and comfort.

Budget: The budget is also an essential issue for a mattress. There are several kinds of beds in online marketplaces. The price starts from 100 to 2000 or even more. You have to keep one thing in mind that the more you play, the more you will get.

But when the budget Is low, in fact within 200, it is very tough to decide which one you should go with the flow. But the main thing is, concentrate on what your demand is.

Firmness: It is also an important criterion. What kind of firmness do you need or like to have a better night’s sleep? It depends on your essential body posture and personal preference. Usually, for the regular guy, a medium firmness level is more than suitable for a better night’s sleep.

But people with muscle pain, joint pain, or spinal stress face trouble choosing the better one for them. It is also essential that which position you to sleep too. If you sleep side on the side, you need a mattress that is firm and lets your shoulder be put beneath the bed. If you sleep straight, the moderate firm would be the best option for you.

Body Weight: Bodyweight is significant in choosing the mattress type. There is some mattress firmness level, and this will help decide which firmness level you need with your weight. There is a firmness level ranging from 1 to 10, and according to sleeping quality and weight, the firmness level is selected.

Lighter-weight sleeper (150 pounds or less) and want a medium feel. This type of consumer is lightweight and needs a firmness level of 5-7 for a medium feel to sleep with proper comfort.

Average weight sleeper (150-200 pounds) and want a medium feel. Average sleepers are also lightweight sleepers who wish to medium think should stick to 5-7.

Heavier weight sleeper (200 pounds or more) and want a medium feel. Relatively heavyweight consumers who want a medium feel should also stick within 5-7.

Lighter-weight sleeper (150 pounds or less) and want a soft feel. People with lightweight and want sweet think should keep their firmness level don’t to 3-4.

Average weight sleeper (150-200 pounds) and want a soft feel. Average sleeper with a lightweight who wants a soft feel should also keep their firmness down to 3-4.

Heavyweight sleeper (200 pounds or more) and want a soft feel. Heavy sleepers should keep their firmness level to 3-4 who want a soft feel.

Lighter (140 pounds or less) or average (150-200 pounds) sleeper and want a firmer mattress. Users with less than average weight who want a bit harder feel should keep their firmness level to 8-9.

Heavier weight sleeper (200 pounds or more) and want a firmer feel. People with heavyweight and want a little bit firmer think they should keep their firmness level up to 8-9.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a good mattress for cheap?

The mattress is of different quality and price. There is a different kind of bed in the market. For the relatively cheaper mattress, it is better to search for a physically existent market. Moreover, some online markets like Amazon, E Bay, Peacock, etc. give the best quality cheaper mattresses with a better user review. With the best look at it, the consumer should go forward to buy one.

What is the best inexpensive mattress?

The mattress is of different price and quality. But to suit with quality and price simultaneously is a challenging fact. In this sense, Silentnight Posture Support Mattress can offer the best quality and comfort with hypoallergenic and skin-friendly feature with 5-years consumers warranty within a friendly budget below £200

What is the best inexpensive memory foam mattress?

Memory foam is getting relatively common nowadays. But with its quality and best outputs, it is quite demandable too and which makes it a little expensive. Inofia Mattress offers the best quality memory foam with its salient features of comfort, premium quality, and with 10-years replacement guarantee within the budget range of £200.

What’s a reasonable price for a mattress?

There is a proverb that the more you pay, the best you get. To get the premium and ultra-comfortable mattress, you have to pay a bag of money, which is not a feasible option for all. Instead, the bed can also found within £200 at its very best quality and comfort.


A better environment and high-quality mattress are required to get better sound sleep. Within a specific budget range, there are many mattresses among which Silentnight Posture Support Mattress offers the best quality and comfort with hypoallergenic and skin-friendly features with a 5-years consumers warranty.

Last Updated on 18th September 2023

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