Best Jersey Sheets UK – 2021 Edition

If you want to buy jersey sheets in the UK or want to know more about the jersey sheet, give this article a read.

Here I will discuss the best jersey sheets and provide you with insight into some value for money jersey bed sheets.

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9 Jersey Sheets UK Reviews 2021

Here are the 9 jersey bed sheets reviews in the UK in 2021.

1. Double Jersey Sheets

Silky Jersey Fitted Sheets

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Cotton
  • Fabric: 140 GSM
  • Skirt Depth: 30cm
  • Thread Count: 140
  • Machine Washable: Up to 60 degrees
  • Best Feature: Durable and extremely soft

Double Jersey Sheets are the best jersey sheets you can ask for at a moderate price. 140 thread count and 100% combed cotton with the fabric weight of 140gsm, and adding a natural product like Aloe-Vera makes the sheet super soft and give the layer a long-lasting life.

Double Jersey is OKOTEX Standard 100 certified, which ensures they use safe and environmentally friendly material. They use a unique technique to make the sheet silky, breathable, and wick away the moisture while you are asleep.

Double Jersey offers different sizes like single, extra-wide, small double, double, king, super king, and emperor. They can fit any mattress up to 30cm in thickness. These sheets are also available in a massive number of colors like white, light blue, pink, black, silver, beige, ivory, etc. These sheets are machine washable up to 60 degrees and also suitable for dryers.


2. AmazonBasics Jersey Duvet Cover set

AmazonBasics Jersey Duvet Cover Set

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Cotton
  • Fabric: 140 GSM
  • Dimension: 230*220 cm
  • Machine Washable: Up to 60 degrees
  • Best Feature: Resistant to fading

If you are looking for a full jersey duvet cover set with a pillowcase, then AmazonBasics jersey set is for you. It provides a duvet cover set with a dimension of 230*220 cm with a pillowcase dimension of 50*80 cm.

AmazonBasics uses a high-quality jersey cotton fabric of 140 gsm that gives sheets durability and excellent softness. That will make your sleep soothing and give you a luxurious feel. They also have hidden zippers and four corner ties that will help your duvet set to stay in place.

AmazonBasic’s jersey duvet cover set is also machine washable up to 60 degrees, and they won’t fade or shrink after washes. They also offer you stain and wrinkle resistant.


3. Double Luxurious Jersey Fitted Sheet

Double Luxurious Jersey Fitted Sheet

Short product Specification:

  • Material: Egyptian Cotton
  • Skirt Depth: 30 cm
  • Elasticity: High
  • Machine Washable: Up to 60 degrees
  • Best Feature: Stretch without losing density

Double jersey sheets are an excellent fit for double size mattress. They can perfectly fit any UK size mattress even if they are extra-long or thick. They have made and developed these sheets with experts so that they can offer you the premium quality.

The double jersey uses their unique knitting technique that helps their fabric to stretch without losing its density. They also tailored a dual elastic band on edge to keep your sheets in place. They also use high quality combed cotton, which gives your sheet a great look and luxurious feel.

Double Jersey sheets are machine washable up to 60 degrees. They also offer you varieties of color so that you can match it with your bedroom décor.


4. Silentnight Jersey Stripe Duvet Set

Silentnight Jersey Stripe Duvet Set

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Jersey
  • Thread Count: 180
  • Cover Size: 200*200 cm
  • Pillowcases Size: 50*80 cm
  • Machine Washable: Up to 40 degrees
  • Color: Grey and navy
  • Best Feature: Striped Print Design

Silentnight jersey set offers a duvet cover with two pillowcases with a size of 50*80 cm. Its beautiful stripe design will make your bedroom elegant. It comes with grey and navy. Silentnight designed their sheet in the UK, and they are very proud of their designing heritage as they provide excellent quality.

Silentnight uses a 60/40 polycotton blend to make this duvet set because cotton makes the sheet soft and comfortable, while polyester properties make it long-lasting and durable.

Silentnight sheets are easy to wash. It is machine washable up to 40 degrees Celsius and tumbles dry safely.


5. Belledorm Marl jersey Duvet Cover Set

Belledorm Marl Jersey Duvet Cover Set

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Cotton Jersey
  • Sizes: Single, Double, and King
  • Color: Blue and Grey
  • Machine Washable: Up to 40 degrees Celcius
  • Best Feature: Comes with two pillowcases

Belledorm sheets made of 100% cotton jersey and Cotton jersey helps you find comfort in bedding, and It makes the bedding ultra-soft, warm, and very cozy. There are two available colors of this duvet set. They are blue and grey, which go perfectly with any bedroom décor.

Belledorm offers many sizes. They are single, double, king, and super king duvet set. The dimensions of them are accordingly 137*198cm, 198*198cm, 229*218 cm, and 259*218 cm. The pillowcase’s size is 51*76 cm.

Belledorm sheets are washable up to 40 degrees. But don’t use bleach and don’t dry clean. You can use tumble dry or drip dry. Remember, while washing, you should wash the color separately. And indeed, wash the sheets before using them.


6. Bodyfi King Size Jersey Fitted Sheet

King Size Jersey Fitted Sheet

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Cotton Jersey
  • Depth: 20 cm
  • Size: 150*200 cm
  • Color: Heart pattern
  • Machine Washable: Up to 90 degrees
  • Best Feature: Skin Friendly and Breathable

If you want to use sheets for multiple purposes, then Bodyfi jersey sheet is for you. You can use it as a tablecloth along with a bed cover. It is easily removable and ironable compared to the conventional layer because of its rectangular shape and fits.

Bodyfi uses certified highest quality materials like 40S worsted spun yarn to make their sheets. That’s why their layers are skin-friendly and breathable. They also use an all-round elastic band with a deep pocket for keeping them fitted.

Bodyfi sheets are also easy to take care. It is boil-proof and washable at high temperatures up to 90 degrees. Also compatible with tumble drying. They also offer various kinds of colors along with heart patterns. You can choose easily from their collection for your bedroom.


7. Unknow Super King Deep fitted Sheets

unknow Super King Deep Fitted Sheets

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Cotton
  • Depth Fits: Up to 25cm
  • Machine Wash: Up to 60 degrees
  • Color: Pink Triangle Pattern
  • Size: 180*200 cm
  • Best Feature: Good resilience and elasticity

Unknow offers high-quality craftmanship fitted sheets for you. They made these sheets with 100% pure breathable cotton, which will make your sheets breathable and skin-friendly. Because of its double-thick fabric, the coat is durable and long-lasting.

Unknow sheets are 180*200 cm in size. It can fit a mattress up to 25 cm or 9.8 inches. The color of these sheets is a pink triangle pattern with 3D lively painting. That will make your bed lovely and lively.

Unknow sheets are wrinkle-free, and They use high quality elastic for a perfect fit. You can wash or tumble dry it as many times you want. It won’t fade.


8. AmazonBasics Jersey Fitted Sheet

AmazonBasics Jersey Fitted Sheet

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Jersey Cotton
  • Fabric Weight: 150gsm
  • Size: Double-135*190
  • Color: Beige
  • Best feature: Extremely soft and stretchy

AmazonBasics sells many kinds of sheets; among them, this fitted sheet stands alone. It made with an OEKO-TEX standard 100 factory, a certification system for high safety and environmental standards of textiles.

AmazonBasics uses high quality 100% combed cotton with fabric’s weight of 150gsm. It will feel soft on your skin. They also make their sheets breathable for your comfort. They also offer varieties of sizes for almost any mattress and colors so that you can choose from them by matching your bedroom décor. You can use these sheets for everyday use or overnight guest.

AmazonBasics sheets are machine washable at 60 degrees Celsius or tumble dry on low. It will not fade or stain colors. Overall, AmazonBasics sheets are worth your money.


9. Family Bedding Super

Family Bedding Super Soft

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
  • Color: Blue
  • Depth: Up to 30cm
  • Best Feature: Stretchable Fabric

Family Bedding is offering you a budget-friendly premium jersey cotton sheet. Jersey cotton is comfortable by nature, and by using 100% cotton made these sheets super soft and comfy. They use lightweight fabric, which is mainly a better alternative for regular woven cotton sheets. They use elastic on edge, stretchable material, and have a deep pocket to fit your mattress.

Family Bedding sheets come in various sizes and colors. They offer you single size, double size, King size, and super king-size with a dimension of 100*200cm, 140*200cm, 160*200cm, and 180*200cm. It has a 30cm pocket corner so that you can tuck your mattress easily.

Family Bedding sheets are easily washable and easy caring.his coat can keep you fresh in summer and warm in winter because of its moisture-wicking technology. Family bedding sheets value for money; that’s what I can assure you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jersey Sheet?

Jersey sheets made with fabric that used in clothing, usually they made of cotton, but synthetic fiber and wool also used. They are comparatively less expensive but give you full comfort.

What do jersey Sheets feel like?

Jersey sheets made of cotton that usually used in cloths and you will feel soft, stretchy, and relaxed the same as your comfy t-shirt. For a better understanding, you should buy one and use it. You won’t regret it.

Are jersey sheets good for summer?

Yes, they are suitable for summer. Jersey sheets naturally have airflows and breathability. That’s why it can keep you fresh in hot weather.



We use many bed sheets throughout our lives but not all of them are soft, comfy, and make you relaxed. Jersey sheets are usually best in the budget to use as sheets because of their super soft quality and breathability. And considering all factors, Double Jersey Sheets is the best to use and worth your money.

If you want a slightly less expensive, then you can go for Family Bedding Super. If you wish to rough use and easy wash, you can buy Bodyfi King Size Jersey Fitted Sheet. Overall all these sheets which I reviewed above are good. Just choose by your preference and start using it. Trust me; you’ll love it.

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