Best Mattress For Heavy Person UK 2022

In today’s article, let you show the best mattress for a heavy person in the UK to help you choose the right mattress.

We know that the need and preference of bed are different based on the size and weight, so researched some excellent quality bed specially designed for heavy people.

Our Top 2 Mattress For Heavy Person

i. Ghostbed Premium Cooling Memory Foam

Ghostbed Premium Cooling Memory FoamGhostbed is the only bed mattress that has a 1.5-inch synthetic aerated rubber latex on the top of a gel-infused memory foam.

Latex is generally more responsive than any other memory foam, which is the part of Cool Burst Technology to keep the surface fresh.

It does not matter how healthy you are; the bed provides perfect contour to your body by the middle layer without making you caved.

ii. CASPER The Perfect Mattress

Award-winning Casper perfect mattress provides the highest quality of sleep, designed by experts, especially for British users.

It is the best combination of ideal comfort and body support constructed with five-layer weight distribution zone.

The combination works perfectly to gives a more extended level of durability and proper joint & spinal support to its sleepers.

Best Mattress For Heavy Person Reviews 2022

Ghostbed Memory Foam
  • Cover: Polyester
  • Hardness: Medium Firm
  • Material: Cooling Premium Gel
  • CASPER the Perfect Mattress
  • Primary material: Foam
  • Shipping weight: 37.1 Kilograms
  • Layers: 4
  • Leesa Premium Foam Mattress
  • Item Firmness: Firm
  • Material Type: Avena, Memory Foam
  • Layers: Three
  • Dormeo Memory Deluxe
  • Hardness: Medium Soft
  • Available sizes: 4
  • Best for: Back pain solution
  • Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Composition: Three layers of foam
  • Best for: Back joint problem
  • Emma Original Double Mattress
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Cover: Polyester, Polypropylene
  • Hardness: medium firmness
  • Nectar Double Mattress
  • Cover Tencel cooling cover
  • Hardness Medium_Firm
  • Material Memory Foam
  • Here are our 7 best mattresses for heavy person reviews UK 2022.

    1. Ghostbed Premium Cooling Memory Foam

    Ghostbed Premium Cooling Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Cover: Polyester
    • Material: Cooling Premium Gel Memory Foam
    • Hardness: Medium Firm
    • Item: Weight 17.8 Kg
    • Best for: Air cooling system

    Ghostbed is the best mattress for a heavy person one can find, as it gives the feeling of floating in the air. The bed is designed with extraordinary comfort, crafted with 27 cm of premium foam, providing you comfortable surface, pain-free sleep, free of pressure and relaxed environment.

    The mattress has a different layer of comfort and support. You will find the continuous motion-activated cooling layer and temperature regulation within the top ventilated latex layer.

    And also see the average 2 inches of cooling gel-infused memory foam which has the centre of attention is giving you the circumstance of sleeping cool. The mattress has 11 inches of a thick layer in comparison to most other traditional foam mattresses.

    Ghostbed is so soft to touch but in the meantime give the perfect support around the hips, shoulders and back. This bed is the ideal combination for those who want firm or soft.

    Ghostbed cooling mattress comes in four sizes and suitable for almost all type of sleepers, thanks to the memory foam at the second layer.

    Premium memory foam comes with a 100 % polyester and stretchy cover which responds where it precisely needed. The cover is very soft, clean and fully washable. The sides are a combination of 51 % polyester and 49 % polypropylene so that it can give extra support whenever moving extra tight fitted sheet over the corner. Ghostbed offers a confident purchase with 20 years of warranty and 101-night sleep trial with a full refund.

    Why is Ghostbed different? In comparison to other mattresses available in the market, the most significant difference is it gives a massive amount of importance on keeping the sleepers cooler. Ghostbed has reached its ultimate goal by finding the perfect balance of performance and comfort.

    Short Key Features:

    • A perfect Balance of Firm & Soft
    • Evenly weight distribution
    • Synthetic aerated rubber latex
    • Cool Burst Technology
    • Temperature-sensitive material


    2. CASPER the Perfect Mattress

    Casper The Perfect Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Primary material: Foam
    • Shipping weight: 37.1 Kilograms
    • Layers: 4
    • SIZES:7
    • Item Hardness: Medium Soft

    The Casper mattress is one of the most renowned bed for its ultimate comfort and body support. It offers a more supportive and firmer feel than any traditional memory foam mattresses in the market.

    It provides four layers of comfortable foam the first layer of the open cell gives proper breathability and spring bounce. The free airflow channel helps to minimize any problem of overheating, designed to provide the ultimate comfortable and supportive feel.

    And under the top layer, the high density and responsive memory foam are designed for maximum pressure relief; this supports the pressure point of the sleepers.

    Then in the third layer, the adaptive transition foam layer minimizes the difference between the memory foam and support foam.

    And finally, the contour cut base layer gives the proper mattress structure, support, and long-lasting durability and improves adequate spine alignment. Contour cuts allow the hips and shoulders to sink, leaving the spine aligned.

    It comes with a beautiful sleek design washable and removable cover which has an anti-bacterial system to save you from any bacteria, fungus problem.

    The Casper comes in any sizes and suitable for the majority of sleepers, specially designed for British sleepers.

    The mattress provides free delivery to your door and offers a confident purchase 100-night risk-free trial period and ten years of warranty for the highest quality of standard.

    Why buy this mattress? Casper believes good sleep means good life, so they ensure the proper body support for obese people and comfort to give a healthy and balanced rest. This mattress provides the zone support for contouring body and open airflow for all-season breathability.

    Short Key Features:

    • Award-winning comfort
    • All-season breathability
    • Superior support & sleep
    • Evenly weight distribution


    3. Leesa Premium Foam Mattress

    Leesa Premium Foam Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Item Firmness: Firm
    • Material Type: Avena, Memory Foam
    • Item Weight: 76 pounds
    • Layers: Three

    The Lessa mattress is a good option for heavy people which offers slightly softer firmness. It provides a proper balance between softness and stability with an aesthetically appealing design.

    Three foam layers construct the premium mattress for cooling, body contouring and temperature control. In the top layer cooling, Avena foam provides temperature controlling airflow and gives excellent bounce for improved movement and regulation.

    The second layer has the contouring memory foam to ensure proper pressure relief and protecting the spine and joints. In the final 15cm base layer, it has reliable core support, which provides extra firmness to the mattress structure.

    Lessa has a particularly attractive, soft and comfortable cover, adding a grey jersey with energetic looking white iconic four stripes. The cover is removable and washable.

    The specially designed mattress gives a universal adaptive fell and suitable for most of the sleepers with any sleeping style. Give a comfortable feeling to all sleepers of any sizes, without feeling too firm.

    It is available in all ranges, UK single to UK Super king, offering free shipping and delivery. The company also provides a 100-night risk-free trial and ten years of warranty for more extended comfort and durability. This mattress is highly breathable and safe as it is CertiPUR-US Certified.

    The Lessa uses LSA200 foam technology which contours every sleeper’s curve of the body so that it feels like floating on air.

    What unique feature it has? Lessa premium is the perfect combination softer and pressure-relieving foam with a firm, supportive base layer and extra sinkage for more adaptive feel with minimal motion transfer.

    Short Key Features:

    • Universal Adaptive Feel
    • Dense Core Support
    • Adapts to all body
    • Amazing pressure relief


    4. Dormeo Memory Deluxe

    Dormeo Memory Deluxe

    Short Product Specification:

    • Hardness: Medium Soft
    • Item Weight: 28.5 Kg
    • Available sizes: 4
    • Material: cotton
    • Best for: Back pain solution

    Dormeo Memory foam may be the best type of mattress for them who are suffering from sleep-related back pain. It provides more extended memory foam to add extra comfort and support to the back issues.

    The mattress has three layers of memory foam.
    The top layer is 16 cm of breathable eco cell foam to create brilliantly balanced air ventilation and temperature control.

    In the second layer, it has a thicker layer of memory foam, which gives a super soft ad comfortable feel. The memory foam contour and hold the body, minimize the buildup the body pressure.

    The final base layer has a dense support foam; it gives the mattress a proper and necessary structure. This different and versatile layer provides this mattress with a perfect combination and comfort and body support.

    It comes with a special anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-dust mite properties and sanitized mattress cover to create a healthy and hygienic environment. Dormeo comes in five sizes, from single to super king.

    It offers a 60-day free comfort trial and hassle-free return without any cost. It also offers free home delivery with 15 years of warranty for its more extended durability.

    What stands out? Dormeo Deluxe mattress comes with an extra thick layer of memory foam which has a carbon fibre enriched cover to generate an anti-static barrier against dust and allergies, ensuring a healthier and hygienic sleep surface. The mattress can sense body weight and temperature for an overweight couples.

    Short Key Features:

    • Minimal motion transfer
    • Sanitized protection
    • Breathable Ecocell foam
    • Enriched with carbon fibre


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    5. Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress

    eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Item Weight: 29.9 Kg
    • Material: Memory Foam
    • Composition: Three layers of foam.
    • Best for: Back joint problem

    Eva original mattress is the right choice for a firmer mattress with minimal sinkage. It’s an excellent choice for those who have back and joint problem for overweight.

    The bed also offers superior breathability and ventilation system to minimize overheating, which is good for back and stomach sleepers.

    The bed is constructed by three layers, with topcoat and base. The top layer of the mattress is made of Eve comfort foam, designed to be springier and sinkage free than traditional memory foam

    The bed is designed by British designers to be exceptionally comfortable and relieve pressure points for any type of sleeper in any position. But it is best for back and stomach sleepers.

    The second layer of the memory foam gives the mattress a comfortable and contouring feel. Below this, the base layer is made of zoned foam to add more pressure relief system for the hips and shoulders. And finally, the mattress comes with a beautiful, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-slip base cover which secure in any frame.

    Eve comes in different sizes, from Single to Emperor and even in EU sizes. The company deliver to your doorstep for free and offers 100-nights of the risk-free trial with ten years of warranty too.

    What makes it different? Eve mattress gives a cloud-like comfort for every inch of the body and extra support with its three-layer of foam support.

    Short Key Features:

    • Medium firmness
    • no more overheating
    • Minimal motion transfer
    • 7-zoned support technology


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    6. Emma Original Double Mattress

    Emma Original Super Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Material: Memory Foam
    • Cover: Polyester, Polypropylene
    • Hardness: medium firmness
    • Weight: 23.4kg
    • Best for:  Joint and back pain

    The Emma original gives the features and feels of traditional memory foam with a more extended level of support and comfort. It is way more comfortable than other traditional memory foam combining British quality.

    It consists of four layers and seven zoned support system for body support and comfort. The top layer is for a particular purpose like climate control and helps to regulate heat and humidity. This layer is also removable and machine washable 40° for further use.

    Under the top level, the breathable Airgocell foam gives the soft and contouring feel in the meantime make the mattress more breathable and comfortable. Below this is the layer of visco-elastic memory foam, which is renowned for evenly distributing weight and pressure.

    The final and base layer is more supportive and relaxed foam. The attractive charcoal mesh side of the mattress helps with air circulation and temperature control.

    Emma comes with 100-night risk-free trial and ten years of warranty, where the delivery, shipping and refund is entirely free. It comes in versatile sizes, from the UK single to super king size.

    Why buy this? This mattress is adjustable and suitable for all type of sleepers having different sleeping style and body weight. And it gives much more breathability than other foam mattresses available in the market.

    Short Key Features:

    • Zoned support system
    • Maximum body adaptability
    • Proper air circulation
    • Exceptionally point elastic


    7. Nectar Double Mattress 4FT 6IN

    Nectar Super King Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Cover Tencel cooling cover
    • Hardness Medium_Firm
    • Material Memory Foam
    • Item Weight 33.7 Kg

    Nectar gives the support of a firm mattress and also gives the comfort of a pillow top with premium materials through all four seasons. It ensures the perfect contouring of the body and holds proper shape.

    Nectar helps to sleep cool with its innovative adaptive cooling layer throughout the night. It has a Custom-designed cooling layer to keep away the heat from your body and circulate fresh air.

    The smart memory foam layer response to sleeper’s body to minimize heat and moisture to regulate body temperature. Under this, it has pressure-relieving memory foam to provide comfort and support where the body need most.

    The seven zoned supported base support ensure a perfect night sleep with seven different zonal support. And finally, in the bottom, it has positioning base material to hold it in the right place.

    It gives the optimal level of comfort and supports whether you sleep front, back or side. Box spring, traditional or floor any frame is suitable for Nectar mattress.

    Nectar gives 100 % confidence in purchasing with a 365-night free trial and full lifetime guarantee. Another mouth warming benefit of it, Nectar allows paying monthly with partner splitting.

    Nectar 4FT 6IN mattress meets the CertiPUR-US® standards for content, durability and emissions.

    What unique feature it has? Nectar is better for its coolness, comfort, breathability and optimal level of firmness, which provide enough support to the body to be gentle and responsive for large people.

    Short Key Features:

    • An optimal level of firmness
    • Breathability & comfort
    • Climate adaptive cooling layer
    • Responsive memory foam


    Buying Guide Of Mattress For Heavy Person

    While buying a new mattress, you have to consider several factors to find the best match for you. This buying guide will help you to recognize those factors for choosing perfect beds for heavy persons.

    Focus on comfort: The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the comfort and support level of a mattress to choose the most comfortable mattress for you, need to consider several factors like size, firmness and the materials used in the bed.

    Right size: If you are not comfortable with narrow space, then find a more significant size mattress for you, size is an essential thing to consider while choosing a mattress. King –size or California king size mattress are master bedroom and partners.

    Firmness or hardness: When it comes to firmness, never forget to check the details material of the mattress. Don’t just trust the level of the bed, as firmness may differ from company to company. And it would help if you had enough stability for proper support and comfort, not too firm or less. For heavy people, you may need a more supportive mattress.

    Personal choice of preference: Don’t ever look for the mattress that is best for everyone. Set your personal preferences and need to find the right and the perfect bed for you.

    Structure: There are different types of mattresses consisting of different materials are available in the market, so first you need to decide whether you need a foam mattress, box of spring or the mixture of both or something else.

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    The foam mattress is way too supportive but less bouncy where the spring tends to be more bouncy, and hybrid offers both.

    Material: Consider all the options available in the market and find the best for you among innerspring mattresses, waterbeds, air beds, memory foam, coil or latex.

    Sharing bed and motion transfer: If you are sharing your bed with your partner, then you must consider the motion transfer system of the mattress.

    Find whether the mattress has enough layers to minimize the disturbance created by the movement of partners, especially find a mattress for overweight couples. And also need to check the bounciness and edge to edge support system.

    Price and Budget: First, you need to decide the exact amount to invest on the new mattress then find the worthy bed within the budget. You don’t need to go beyond the budget as there are several options in every range.

    Check reviews: Checking the customers while buying online is a proper way to find the exact features of a mattress. It helps you to get a practical idea about the bed.

    Trial and return policy: Returning a product should be as easy as buying it, as you may not like the mattress after using it. Most of the company offers 60 days to 365 days of free trial and free home delivery.

    Most of the mattress companies offer ten years of warranty, but some also provide a lifetime guarantee. You should need to secure your future by checking warranty methods.

    Summary – Which Mattress Should I Buy?

    After reviewing the market, it is clear that the best mattress for heavy persons in the UK is undoubtedly Ghostbed Memory Foam mattress, it designed with extra-ordinary comfort and body support to all type of sleepers with any sleeping style or weight.

    Casper, Lessa premium, Eve sleep, Emma etc. mattresses are also useful in comparison to their quality and comfort.

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