Best Mattress For Night Sweats UK

Best Mattress For Night Sweats UK – 2023 Edition

If you are looking for the best mattress for night sweats in the UK then congratulation, you are on the right track. Often, we wake up and find ourselves drenched in our sweats even if the room temperature is cool.

It may happen because of medical conditions. But mattress that you are using that may also cause this. So, we came up with some mattresses which are the best solution for your problem.

7 Mattress for Night Sweats UK Reviews

Here are our 7 mattresses for night sweats reviews in the UK in 2023.

1. LANKOU Cool Blue Memory Foam Hybrid Sprung Mattress

LANKOU Cool Blue Memory Foam

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Memory Foam & Spring
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Product Dimensions: 191*137*20 cm
  • Mattress type: Hybrid
  • Best for: all type of sleepers

If you are looking for the best mattress for night sweats Lankou Cool mattress is the right choice for you as It comes with layers of CertiPUR-US certified foam and hundreds of springs, not only it is soft enough to be comfortable but also firm enough to be supportive.

This Hybrid sprung mattress will inflate instantly after unboxing and will expand for 24 hours until the foam and spring can fully expand to a nice appearance. Its pressure-relieving comfort foam helps to improve your sleeping experience by eliminating pressure points.

The core of this mattress is made of high performance independently encased coils and designed to eliminate motion disturbance and helps you to sleep soundly. The memory foam mattress helps you to relax completely by moulding your body, relieving key pressure points, and promoting airflow and breathability.

The mattress offers a soft, plush surface that gives you experience like floating on a cloud and bottom offers a medium queen firm mattress support which will relieve your back pain. This mattress is best for all sleeping positions like side, back, stomach just names it.

Short Key Features:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Protect from heat and sweat
  • Allows to sleep in the correct position
  • Effectively absorb noise and vibration
  • Pressure-relieving comfort coil


2. NaturalexGeltec

naturalex Geltec

Short Product Specification:

  • Density: High
  • Material: Memory foam
  • Thickness: 19cm
  • Mattress type: Hybrid
  • Technology: Thermo-regulating and Blue Latex
  • Best for Heat sensation

NaturalexGeltec offers you a great hybrid mattress that can guarantee strength and flexibility both. The best part of this mattress is it is specialized in heat sensation. Thanks to its thermal regulating technology. Its two sides are reversible. One is for winter and another is for summer. Perfect for those who are heat sensitive.

Naturalex mattress has 7 different, progressive and highly ergonomic zones which perfectly adapt your sleeping position. That means less motion transfer between sleeping partners. Naturalex has a layer of memory foam with high-density viscose that is extremely resistant to weight, improves blood circulation and prevents from back pain. Its 7-zone structure will provide you soft along with strong support from all parts of the body.

The winter side of Naturalex mattress covered with cotton fabric to provide heat and dotted side which covered with 3D cloth that helps to improve heat dissipation. Moreover, Naturalex mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.

Short Key Features:

  • Reversible
  • Dual seasons
  • 7 zone structure
  • Perfect air circulation
  • Maintain stable temperature


3. Jumpi Cool Blue Memory Foam

jumpi Cool Blue Memory Foam

Short Product Specification:

  • Size: 4ft6
  • Depth: 9 inches
  • Stitching: Spiral
  • Coil: 13.5 orthopaedical
  • Materials: Polyester, Memory Foam
  • Best for: Head to toe anatomical support

Jumpi Cool Blue Memory Foam Spring Mattress is a double cool blue memory foam spring. It’s a perfect fit for a double size bed and very comfortable to sleep. Jumpi has the most popular springing system in the world which is orthopaedic open coil firm spring. Also, it has a vertical style stitched border.

The 500gsm polyester and 8mm memory foam will make your bedtime enjoyable. It also contours to your body’s natural shape. Jumpi gives you a full head to toe anatomical support along with relieves pressure points across the body which will help you to sleep soundly. Also, balance good blood circulation.

It’s a bit bouncy and you can’t feel the spring. It has less motion transfer between sleeping partners. If one person moves, the other person doesn’t get bounced. Moreover, it is budget-friendly. If you are low on a budget this mattress can be perfect for you. It is worth the money.

Short Key Features:

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Head to toe support
  • Good blood circulation
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Quilted with quality cover


4. Vesgantti 4FT6 Double Mattress

Vesgantti 4FT6 Double Mattress

Short Product Specification:

  • Cover: Pillow Top
  • Thickness: 27 cm
  • Material: Pocket sprung
  • Mattress Type: Ultra-quiet hybrid
  • Best for Back support

Vesgantti 4ft6 double mattress offers a sound sleep for its users with 10.6-inch pocket sprung and breathable foam. Vesgantti has layers of CertiPUR-US certified foam and hundreds of individual pocket springs. It is soft and firm to make you feel comfortable and supportive at the same time.

Vesgantti has a breathable mattress cover that regulates your body temperature with superior airflow that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool and dry. It is also a great mattress for night sweats the UK. It will create a cloud-like sleeping surface for you by combining a thick soft layer and a stainless sprung base. This combination gives excellent back support, ideal comforts and minimizes motion transfer.

Vesgantti fits for all kinds of sleepers. It is suitable for anybody type or sleeping style for any season. It’s egg-shaped foam perfectly contours to your body, absorb noise and vibration. Also, Vesgantti offers you 100 nights free trial with 10 years limited warranty.

Short Key Features:

  • Deep softness
  • Superior airflow
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Weight dispersion
  • Body movement absorption


5. Inofia King Memory Foam and Sprung Mattress

Inofia King Memory Foam and Sprung Mattress

Short Product Specification:

  • Thickness: 11.4 inches
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Pocket Spring: High-grade steel
  • Technology: Pocket coil technology
  • Best for Spinal support

Inofia King Memory Foam and Sprung Mattress come with an 11.4 inches thickness and extraordinary pocket coil technology. It’s high-grade pocket springs respond and contour to every body shape. It offers good spinal support with durability while releasing pressure.

Its anti-mite cover can immediately release moisture to give you the ideal sleeping environment.

Inofia offers a very innovative mesh side cover. The material for side cover is knitted fabric. The purpose of the airflow collection is to offer breathability, perspiration and absorption. With cooling memory foam, the mattress becomes very comfortable to sleep.

Inofia’s dual stability foam layer helps to transfer your weight and energy evenly. It also contains open cell memory foam wicks away body heat while you sleep. This bed also has transition foam that removes pressure and keeps the pocket coils in place.
Inofia easily fits a normal double bed. It can also be used in a slatted bed base. Also, the company offers 100 nights of free trial with 10 years of guarantee.

Short Key Features:

  • Durability
  • Ultra-soft cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Premium quilting knit cover
  • Fit for every body shape


6. HomyLink Single Mattress

HomyLink Single Mattress, Gel Memory Foam

Short Product Specification:

  • Density: High
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Fabric: 3D Breathable Fiber
  • Material: Gel Memory Foam
  • Best For Temperature Control

When we sleep at night often we wake up because of the temperature of the mattress. But if you buy HomyLink Single Mattress you don’t have to think about temperature ever. HomyLink’s cool gel memory foam combined with open-structure high elasticity disperses heat from your body. This technology adjusts the sleep temperature overnight to give you a sweet cool fresh sleep in summer or fluffy warm sleep in winter.

HomyLink uses unique 7-zone support technology that gives excellent support for your head, waist, hips overall every part of your body. It also gives spinal support and corrects your sleeping posture, it relieves muscle tension and reduces back pain. It also absorbs vibration and motion. That helps you and your partner to sleep well at night.

HomyLink also offers you egg-shaped foam with honeycomb fabric structure fibre that easily fits body curve with high elasticity it promotes blood circulation, relaxes the muscle and relieves pressure evenly. Offers you a very comfortable sleep. HomyLink offers 90 nights free trial.

Short Key Feature:

  • High Elasticity
  • Shock Absorption
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • 3D Breathable Fiber Fabric
  • 7-Zone Support Technology


7. La Femme Cooling Mattress

Cooling Mattress

Short Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: 4ft6 by 6ft3
  • Material: Wool & Bamboo
  • Coil Type: Pocketed Innerspring
  • Fabric: Breathable Organic
  • Best for: Symptoms of Menopause

In French La Femme means ‘The Woman’. The reason behind this name is this mattress is especially for women. Sleep Revolution has specially designed it for women. They have used advance cooling technology to reduce the impact of symptoms felt during menopause.

La Femme’s pocketed innerspring quickly disperse body heat so you can sleep well al night long. La femme uses poly-cotton support to regulate the temperature throughout the mattress.

In La Femme, you also get a combination of most natural fibres like Alpaca wool, Tencel, Bamboo and Cotton. La Femme’s pocket sprung core offers a sleeping surface that supports all your body parts equally.

Where many mattresses cause night sweat, La femme’s breathable Tencel soft-touch fabric wicks away moisture and offer a good night sleep. It also offers hyper allergenic, anti-dust mite features. Overall it can be a great choice for women.

Short Key Feature:

  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Designed for women
  • Revolutionary airflow system
  • Hyper-allergenic
  • Natural organic fibre


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can my mattress cause night sweat?

Normally if your mattress is made of memory foam then it may cause night sweats. But if your mattress is specially made for night sweats then you won’t experience night sweats because of the mattress even if it is made of memory foam.

How do I protect my mattress from night sweats?

If your mattress doesn’t have moisture absorption technology you can always add a waterproof mattress protector. This may protect your mattress from excessive night sweats.

Are cotton sheets good for night sweats?

Yes, sleep experts suggest that natural fibres like cotton or linen sheets are best for night sweats. So that you can use them according to your need.

Can memory foam mattress cause night sweat?

Normal cheap memory foam mattresses can cause night sweats. But recently most manufacturers use cool technology in their mattress. So, if they use memory foam, it won’t bother you for night sweats.


Mattresses are important for a good night’s sleep. If it causes back pain, night sweats etc. problem then that mattress is not worth your sleep. By considering all sleeping factor LANKOU Cool Blue Mattress is the best choice.

But other mattresses NaturalexGeltec, Jumpi Cool Blue, Vesgantti 4FT6, Inofia King Memory Foam and Sprung Mattress, HomyLink and La Femme Cooling Mattress all worth your money and sleep. Buy one of them and say goodbye to night sweats.

Last Updated on 18th September 2023

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