Best Mattress Under £1000

Best Mattress Under £1000

This article will help you to find out the best mattress under £1000.

We had researched several factors to show you the features of below nine mattresses so that you can find the perfect matched mattress for you without sacrificing your time and money.

Note: This is just an idea. Most mattresses are priced under £1000, but there are a few mattresses that may exceed this price range.

Our Top 2 Mattress Under £1000 Overview

I. Simba Hybrid Mattress Original

Simba Hybrid Mattress OriginalSimba mattress is here to give you the experience of future sleep with 2500 revolutionary spring of comfort and cooling support.

It provides the air-cooling, responsive spring, edge to edge support and also suitable for everyone.

II. Casper Super King Mattress

Casper The Perfect MattressCasper super king mattress is the combination of pressure-relieving memory foam which provides the zoned support and pressure relief system with longer-lasting durability and proper spinal alignment with a supportive pressure point.

Top 9 Mattress Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 best mattresses under £1000 reviews UK 2023.

1. Simba Hybrid Mattress Original

Simba Hybrid Mattress

Product Specification:

  • Material 5Layers (25cm) / 2,500 springs
  • Best for responsive micro spring
  • Available in all sizes

The award-winning Simba hybrid mattress is best of all the mattress for 1000 pounds available on the market which has responsive and cone-shaped spring to give you the optimum level of comfort and perfect support to your body.

The 2500 conical spring layer designed to reduce motion transfer of your partner while sleeping. Super light and cone-shaped spring made to distribute pressure and flexible for everyone.

Zone-based layer gives the high definition foam support for each area of the body, pressure exactly where it needed. The reflex support layer gives the cloud-like comfort with a supportive springboard.

The Simba has airflow comfort layer and patented comfort spring which keeps away the overheating and distribute weight. It doesn’t overheat, even in the summer. With the edge to edge support technology, you will not roll off or down, just stay where you lie.

Simba hybrid is highly versatile with the base, as it will work on a solid base, slatted base divans etc. Even Simba has its own adjustable base with the mattress.

Mattress choice may differ for everyone but Simba Hybrid is suitable for any type of sleepers, body shape or weight. For side and back sleepers Simba mattress is exceptionally supportive and comfortable.

The hypoallergenic cover of the mattress designed to maximize airflow and provide a clean surface. The zip-off cover is removable and washable for a soft and clean surface.

What’s the best feature? It’s the best combination of both traditional foam and spring with 10 nights free trial and 10 years of also shipped and delivered in a convenient box to a doorstop.

Key Features:

  • Airflow comfort layer
  • Five layers of perfect comfort
  • No motion transfer
  • Edge to edge support


2. Casper Super King Mattress

Casper The Perfect Mattress

Product Specification:

  • Cover : 99% polyester and 1% elastane
  • Layer: 4 layers
  • Materials: Latex
  • Best for side & back sleepers
  • Firmness Medium

Award-winning Casper core mattress creates the highest quality sleep mattress, designed and developed by expert teams.

The mattress is proportionally constructed with five weight distribution zone to give perfect comfort support to your body. The top layer of open-cell provides cooler sleep and proper bounce, transition layer provide even weight distribution.

The breathable open-cell keeps the mattress surface cool and fresh to make the sleeping environment adjustable to the climate.

Responsive memory foam layer helps to response on the body movement of the user and gives the pressure where exactly needed.

Adaptive transition and durable care foam layer add longer-lasting durability and safe use. The super king mattress has a minimal level of motion transfer.

The mattress let your shoulders sink while supporting hips, providing a good sleeping position. All the layer of the mattress all together provide pressure relief, support, breathability and ultimate comfort.

Casper is suitable for almost every type of sleepers but works best for stomach sleepers and back sleepers as it is firmer for hips and softer for shoulders. The combination works perfectly so it gives not too soft and not too firm, the perfect medium firmness.

Casper king mattress comes with a Zip-off premium knit cover which is highly breathable, removable, washable at 40 °C and very easy to clean.

The mattress and its components are BS 7177 compliant and CertiPUR certified. The materials are made without any harmful flame retardants.

Worry-free purchase with 100 nights risk-free trial and 10 years of warranty.

What makes it special? The mattress is eco-friendly designed to give a higher quality of support and comfort for a longer period with its four foam layers.

Key Features:

  • Pressure-relieving memory foam
  • Breathable open-cell foam
  • Evenly weight distribution
  • Durable support


3. Nectar Super King Mattress 6FT

Nectar Super King Mattress

Product Specification:

  • Material Memory Foam
  • Item Weight 40.3 Kg
  • Firmness Medium
  • Suitable for Everyone

Nectar super mattress provides the 7 zoned supported base to ensure a perfect night’s sleep with comfort and proper body support, the smart memory foam of the mattress responds to the body moisture and heat to regulate the body temperature.

It also provides the adaptive cooling cover, which is custom-designed to keep away the heat from the body while sleeping on the mattress.

In the fifth and last layer, the mattress has the positioning base materials, which helps to keep the mattress in the correct place so that it doesn’t move from the bed frame. And it can be fitted to any frame like traditional bases, divan bases, slatted base or platform etc.

The super mattress gives ideal support for any sleeping position and helps you to sleep without any pain or pressure problem. Back or stomach sleeper doesn’t matter any sleepers can use it without any worry and wake up fresh and delighted.

The combined support of Nectar allows both contour and perfect support for the body while providing medium firmness. It designed to keeps away the body heat and responsive to climate.

The foam mattress has an easy setup and convenient delivery for free to your doorstep. It wrapped and shipped in a box for easy and hassle-free installation.

Nectar super mattress offers 365 night home trail with a full refund, so you are 100 per cent tension free while purchasing it. If you don’t like it, you can return it without any hassle and loss.

Why buy this? Nectar foam mattress gives the support of a firm mattress even treating with the comfort of foam. Its premium materials ensure perfect contouring of the body with proper safety.

Key Features:

  • Seven zones of support
  • Adaptive cooling cover
  • Pressure-relieving foam
  • Perfect firmness


4. Leesa Premium Foam Mattress

Leesa Premium Foam Mattress

Product Specification:

  • Item Weight 76 pounds
  • Material Type Avena, Memory Foam
  • Best for body contouring and cooling system

Leesa premium mattress designed with three premium foam layers for body contouring, pressure-relieving core support and cooling system.

The first layer provides the Avena cooling system, the second layer provide pressure-relieving memory foam and the third layer provide the core support for your body. You will enjoy improved pressure relief and better rest with all innovative top layer of high-quality foam construction.

It does not matter which type of sleeper you are as long as you are in Leesa mattress, as it’s adaptable and suitable for all type of sleeping position. It can adapt to one’s sleeping position and deliver the optimum level of comfort, support and pressure relief for stress-free night sleep.

Premium foam mattress control over the motion transfer and disturbance created by the movement of your partner while sleeping so that you will be stress-free while sleeping with your partners.

Exclusively high-quality microcell structure of the mattress promotes airflow for cooler sleep and also giving you the proper bounce, comfort and support you need. You will sleep cool even in the summer.

Leesa provides 100 % risk-free purchase by offering a 100-night trial with a full refund. It hassles free and backed by 10 years of warranty.

The mattress wrapped in a luxury box providing an iconic 4 stripe mattress cover which is highly breathable and clean.
The mattress is tested to meet BS 7177:2008, BS EN 597-1:1995 and BS EN597-2:1995 standards and CertiPUR® certified.

Why buy this mattress? The uniquely and beautifully designed mattress gives you the universal adaptive feel of comfort, support, cooling bounce and contouring pressure relief for incredible feel while sleep.

Key Features:

  • Universal adaptive feel
  • Suitable for all sleeping style
  • Highly breathable system
  • Dense core system


5. Silentnight 2800 Pocket Natural Wool Mattress

Silentnight 2800 Pocket Natural Wool Mattress

Product Specification:

  • Material Silk, Cashmere, Wool
  • Size Double 135 x 190 cm
  • Best for Natural Filling
  • Firmness: Medium

Silentnight 2800 pocket mattress is famous for its individually nested spring system and luxury comfort for amazing sleep. It provides zoned support and a medium level of comfort with its 30.5cm generous depth and a double layer of Mira pocket spring system.

The mattress is natural wool and traditionally tufted. It has naturally sourced wool layer which blends ideal temperature parameter, giving the best night sleep in every season.

Its unique Mira pocket spring system helps to relieve the pressure off hips, shoulders and back. Each spring system reacts individually to the user’s movement and unique weight, providing superior sleeping space and even weight distribution. Also, control over the motion transfer created by the movement of your partner.

Silentnight mattress is scientifically proven for its premium comfort and quality. It ensures improved posture and better spinal alignment. It removes the extra pressure on anybody parts and contours your body properly.

The natural wool mattress comes with a clean and hypoallergenic cover which is easily removable and washable for safe and hassle-free use. Provides a healthier and safe sleeping surface.

The elements used in the mattress are highly qualified and tested for domestic use to BS7177 requirements. So you don’t need to take any stress while sleeping on it.

The beautifully and tailored designed mattress shipped in a box providing a mattress and a warranty leaflet. This ensures the tension-free and safe use for at least five years.

What’s the best feature? Silentnight pocket mattress provides superior support and durability with a minimum level of motion transfer and temperature control.

Key Features:

  • The comfort of natural wool
  • A higher level of support and durability
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Weight distribution system


6. Emma Original Super King Mattress

Emma Original Super King Mattress

Product Specification:

  • Type Foam construction
  • Item Weight 35 Kg
  • Best for Medium firmness

Emma original mattress comes with a layer of conical pocket spring in a hybrid system, 3cm airgocell foam layer with 2 cm of viscoelastic memory foam o give superior comfort and support to your body.

Viscoelastic contours the body shape and distributes the body pressure evenly on the modern marvel in the middle ensures a comfortable sleep.

The supportive HRX Foam in the super king mattress balance the body pressure to keep the spine and joint alignment to support the back. The breathable airgocel foam helps to absorb the body moisture and keeps the mattress surface cool overnight.

It gives the medium firmness by giving the proper body support and exceptional comfort, surprisingly soft on the top and bouncy. It offers the next level of comfort, support and durability. The mattress distributes the weight of the sleepers accordingly overnight and keeps the pressure-relieving system on.

Emma mattress has a wonderful absorbing system and extraordinary point elastic which gives zero per cent motion transfer problem, so no tension with the disturbance of tossing and turning of your partner movement while sleeping.

The mattress has an elastic and non-slip Polyester, Polypropylene cover, made from special fibre which regulates humidity to keep the moisture away.

Emma mattress is best or suitable for the people weighing between 50 to 130 kg and adjustable to any bed base. This mattress is suitable for almost any kind of sleepers like back sleepers, front sleepers etc.

What special feature in it? The open-pored airgocel system in the mattress gives the sleepers a cool, comfortable and supportive sleep with proper safety and guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Maximum body adaptability
  • Suitable for Back, side and stomach sleepers
  • Point elasticity system
  • Limit motion transfer


7. OTTY 2000 Pocket Spring

OTTY 2000 Pocket Spring

Product Specification:

  • Cover: Polyester, Cotton
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Comfort Level: Medium Firm

Otty comfort mattress comes with 2000 comfort pocket capsules and unique cooling gel method into the top layer of foam keeps your body cool for longer period of time and also remove excess heat from the mattress.

The springs give the cradling support and minimum level of motion transfer so that you don’t need to be tensed while sleeping with your partner.

Otty is award-winning mattress company giving the best hybrid mattress with outstanding comfort, body support, temperature control and limited motion transfer.

This mattress helps you to have proper sleep at night and contour your body shape properly by fixing the body posture accurately. You don’t need to worry about the back pain and joint pain while sleeping on it.

The material used in the mattress is highly qualified and anti-allergic (prevent dust mites) which keeps away the excess moisture from the body while sleeping at night. It comes with a thick 500gsm polyester cover which is fully removable and washable.

It can be used any surface like an adjustable bed, Adjustable Bed, Platform or Floor Bed, Slatted Base, Divan Base etc. with 250 cm deep standard fitted sheets.

Otty 2000 provides you 10 years of tension-free using by offering warranty and also offers 100-night money-back trial. So that one can buy it with confidence.

What special feature it has? Otty 2000 has the open cell side support system offering 25 per cent more sleeping surface and regular air circulation system with anti-bacterial. Anti-fungus and hypoallergenic formation. The otty mattress both deliver the quality and comfort with its competitively priced too.

Key Features:

  • Keep the temperature cool
  • The luxurious reflex of foam
  • 2000 pocket spring
  • High-density base


8. Sealy Posturepedic Gel Rolled Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Gel Rolled Mattress

Product Specification:

  • Size Double
  • Material Cooling Geltex
  • Best for Fire retardant; Posturepedic

Sealy gel mattress is best for ultimate pressure relief system and body support. Sealy rolled mattress has the Posturepedic gel infusion, gel memory foam and geltex. Posturepedic technology means provide the exact amount of pressure on the body where it exactly needed over the night.

Geltex means the innovative combination of an extraordinary elastic gel and air absorptive foam. The comfort layer of geltex gives you incredibly breathable environment and offers outstanding pressure relief support to the body. It gives support to the whole body and also allows air circulation by preventing overheating.

Zoned memory mattress provides a responsive layer of memory foam for dream level comfort.

The zonal support system of the mattress targets the exact area of the body for proper weight concentration to give excellent support.

This box of spring gives the medium firmness to its sleepers and provides a beautiful balance of support and comfort having 20 cm dept.

Sealy mattress designed with soft knit cover and manufactured to keeps your proper body shape and give the support where it needed most.

It has full level support and security as it is fire retardant and have hypoallergenic material. And also the mattress provides 3 years of manufacturer warranty and a beautiful cover containing anti-allergy fibres to keep your mattress hygienic and clean. The cover material is endorsed by Allergy UK.

What makes it best? This bed gives more breathable sleep surface with its air circulation and temperature regulation over the night.

Key Features:

  • Top layer gel infusion
  • Proper air circulation & temperature regulation
  • Shape up the body accordingly
  • Combination of gel, memory foam & spring.


9. eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress

eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress

Product Specification:

  • Material Memory Foam
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • Best for 7 zoned support technology

Eve sleep provides the equal balance of comfort, support and softness which allows every type of sleepers to sleep well. The pressure-relieving system in it helps to improve the efficiency of sleep by reducing the pressure point.

The high-density foam layer conforms one’s body so that the bones and joints stay at the proper position.

This bed dismisses the pressure on your shoulders and hips and keeps the spine alignment proper. Eve sleep made the zone 5 cm deep for the pressure relief system.

Original foam has no motion transfer problem so get ready to sleep with your partner without any toss and turn.

The medium-firm feel of this bed keeps you fresh all night and wake up without any back pain. one of the best things about it is suitable for almost all kinds of sleepers. It is manufactured in the UK and designed by some of the top designers of London.

The white panel on the top is 98 per cent polyester and 2 per cent elastane in removable and can be washed if needed to get the best from it you can rotate it 180 degrees in every 30 days. The materials used in the original memory foam in environment-friendly and safe.

What makes the eve sleep special? It will give the seven layers of the support zone using open-cell foams to encourage a cooling flow of air. It gives more balance with flexibility, durability and tension-free use by giving 10 years of guarantee. It also offers a night trial and free refund system.

Key Features:

  • Keeps the Pressure Off
  • More breathable than traditional foam
  • Cooling airflow system
  • Climate control comfort


Consider When Buying a Mattress

Choosing and buying a mattress is something we shouldn’t hurry as we all know crucial it is to have a good night sleep. You need enough time to compare and choose the best mattress for you.

There are mainly two major factors to look after. They are comfort and support.

I. Support: You want a mattress which ill gives you painlessly and stress-free sleep and you wake up with no back pain. The mattress will keep your alignment in a proper position.

II. Comfort: Comfort is something that gives you the feeling of floating on a cloud while sleeping on a mattress. And does not create any pressure on your body, cause no toss and turn.

Here comes the question of how to decide the best supportive and comfortable mattress to your body?

Defining the sleeping position:

I. Back Sleepers: Back sleepers may need a bed

II. Front Sleepers: If you are front sleepers then you may need more support and few gaps between your body and the bed. This will maintain an impartial position in your spine and neck.

III. Side Sleepers: Side sleepers will need a softer spring system to provide benefits to your shoulder and hip to sink into the bed.

Deciding the mattress weight and size:

We all know that every person is different and so their sleeping position, so one size doesn’t fit all. There are lots of mattress sizes available in the market, you have to decide whether you need king size mattress or queen size mattress or something else.

The below chart may help you to decide.

You should also check the weight of the bed so that you will be able to decide the proper fame for it. And it will help you to decide whether it will go along with your body weight or not.

Basic mattress categories:

Foam mattress provides two categories, one is latex and another is memory foam

The innerspring mattress is a traditional steel coil system or spring provides you with the comfort layer of poly foam.

Hybrid is the combination of both the traditional foam and innerspring system. This is the ultimate solution if you can’t decide which mattress is best for you and which type of sleeper you are.

There are some more categories of mattress you will find in the store, as some manufacturer offer newly designed airflow system mattress. Some waterbeds around supporting with water.

Motion and Separation: Almost all of us share a bed with our partners, so we want to minimize the motion transfer problem while sleeping on a bed. You can try the mattress in the store with our partner or check the details while online purchase if the mattress is out of motion transfer.

Temperature: Some want to sleep hot and some want to sleep cool, Gel infusion and ventilation system mattress can give you cool sleep and traditional foam base can give sleep of hot feeling.

Delivery process: There are some online stores offer free home delivery with proper packaging, you need to check before placing the order. Make sure of checking the delivery time mentioned.

Method of payment: You need to be very careful about the payment system as some companies offer you to decrees the cost of your purchase by 0%APR, terms and condition apply.

Safety and quality compliance:

  • Do the mattress CertiPUR certified,
  • Do the components are CFC and PBDE free,
  • Some mattress follow National Bed Federation members rules,
  • Do the manufacture used ISO 9001 quality standards.

Easy returns: You should able to return the mattress as easy as buying grab that facility check the details after-sales services of any mattress as most of the mattress companies offer 30 to a 100-night free trial and take from your home without any refund if you don’t like it.

Guarantee: Most of the mattress companies available in the market offer 5 to 10 years of guarantee which means you can use the spring inbox without any further tension

Events and discount: There are some biggest events in the year like Black Friday, New Year’s, and Independence Day etc. When you can get some discount on your desired you can consider it too.

Summary – Which Mattress Should I Buy?

Simba Hybrid original and Casper Super King Mattress are the best option mattress under 1000 UK according to their quality and great value.

Without them, OTTY 2000 is good for the Hybrid system and Emma original, Eve Sleep original is good for all type of sleepers.

On the other hand, Silentnight 2800 mattress has the natural Cooling system, so the best mattress depends on its user’s preferable style.

Last Updated on 18th September 2023

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