Best Mattress Under 300

Best Mattress Under £300 – Our 7 Picks

If you are looking for the best mattress under £300 and unwilling to compromise the quality, some of the high quality & luxurious mattresses waiting for you.

Today, we are here in your service discussing the characteristics of some of the best mattresses which may make your night’s sleep more pleasant.

Top 7 Mattress Under £300

Here are our 7 mattress reviews under £300 in the UK in 2023.

Note: This is just an idea. Most mattresses are priced under £300, but there are a few mattresses that may exceed this price range.

1. naturalex Extrafresh

naturalex Extrafresh

Short Product Specification

  • Material- Latex, Memory Foam
  • Weight -10.4 kg
  • Size- 70 x 190 cm
  • Side Display Height: 30 cm
  • Best for Best quality at a budgeted price

Naturalex Extrafresh a premium quality luxurious mattress comes with a coeval design and upgrades sleeping technology for users on a restricted budget. Multilayers of aero latex and memory foam having open micro cells secure the ventilation of the mattress and leave the extra moisture with a height of 30cm along with an HQ Blue Latex core. The bed is useable in both the summer and winter seasons in the same manner.

The size of the mattress is 70 x190 cm is perfect for pressure-free sleep. It has high-density memory foam that restrains the joint pressure and reduces the weight disorder on the bed. It weighs only 10.4 kg which is comparably fine to other mattresses.

Advanced technology for temperature control prevents heat like Airtex3D fabric absorbs heat when you sleep. Smooth air circulation keeps the mattress moisture free and hygienic. It will help your body to control the body temperature needed for sleep.

Oekotex certifies the ingredients of Extrafresh. It has some unique features which make the mattress more reliable and better than having the same features and price mattress. Having contemporary design, eye-catching colour and structure, pledged quality for maintaining the royal status for Naturalex.

Short key features:

  • Ultra-breathable Airtex3D fabric
  • Reversible & Extra Firm
  • Dual Sensor
  • Premium HQ Blue Latex core
  • Hypo-allergenic


2. Sleep Factory’s Black Crushed Velvet

Sleep Factory’s Black Crushed Velvet

Short Product Specification:

  • Colour- 4 Options Available
  • Materials- Memory foam
  • Drawer Storage- 2
  • Size- 4.6FT
  • Best for- Orthopaedic fillings for back support

Sleep Factory’s Black Crushed Velvet is a great mattress available in the market under a limited budget for the best quality products. This charming, stylish mattress certainly enhances the beauty of any room. It is made of memory foam which is best for Orthopaedic fillings for back support and releasing pressure. 10” 3D Memory Foam Mattress allows side-by-side assistance to retain the mattress in perfect shape by making the night’s sleep more comfortable.

The frame of the mattress consists of solid timber with adjustable height for head and foot support with chrome feet as standard with link bars. It has a 13.5g interlinked Bonnell spring system that provides pressure-free and healthier sleep.

This bed is famous for being handmade by individual workers for their expertise throw-out the bed. There are two drawers available in the bed either on one side of the bed. Solid materials, Strong timber structure and adjustable head height make the product more lucrative among users. Both sides of the mattress can use as a head side and stylish padded base with having tankage option.

The efficient craftsmen ensure the coeval design, and durable and long-lasting frame structure for Sleep Factory’s Black Crushed Velvet.

Short key features:

  • Hypoallergenic & dust mite
  • Adjustable headboard height
  • Link bars with chrome feet
  • Durable components & structure
  • Traditional hand-tufted coeval design mattress


3. Crushed Velvet 5FT King-size Divan

Crushed Velvet 5FT Kingsize Divan Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Size- 5FT (Super King)
  • Material- Italian Crushed Velvet Silky + Memory Foam
  • Depth Thickness- 8-10 inches
  • Colour-Truffle Crush
  • Best for- Attractive design

Crushed Velvet 5FT Kingsize Divan bed is one of the great mattresses ensuring the promised quality within budget. The mattress is 5 feet in size but easy to assemble with less effort.

Its elegant colour makes any room more decorative, and 20” adjustable headboard provides vital support for the head and neck muscles. Silky smooth memory foam makes enormous benefits for the head, pelvis, hips, backs, lower legs and heels.

3.5 gauge open coil Bonnell spring allows taking more pressure on the bed and leaves the joint stress immediately. The 8-10-inch thickness of the depth of the mattress offers heavy air pockets making it more soft comfort zone.

Skilled artisans of the UK beautifully designed this masterpiece. They used wooden frames and solid timber structures for making the bed frame durable and long-lasting.

This premium quality Crushed Velvet mattress will be part and parcel of the bedroom for beautification along with making your sleep at night more comfortable.

Short key features:

  • Adjustable Headboard height 20”
  • Made with high-quality Italian Crushed Velvet Fabric
  • Hand-made wooden structure
  • Multilayers memory foam
  • Package includes Crushed Velvet Divan Bed Base


4. Bed Centre Ziggy Grey Plush Sprung Memory Foam

Bed Centre Ziggy Grey Plush Sprung Memory Foam Divan Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • King Size: 150cm X 200cm
  • Materials- Sprung memory foam
  • Colour- Grey
  • Drawer Storage-Yes
  • Best for Comfortable Size

Bed Centre Ziggy Grey Plush Sprung is absolutely a gorgeous mattress. The primary material of the mattress is sprung memory foam. The King Size: 150cm X 200cm of the mattress is entirely satisfactory for its users along with a divan base and 32” adjustable headboard.

A high density of sprung memory foam release and restrain the joint pressure and makes no disturbances while sleeping. It also prevents overheating and controls the temperature of the mattress throughout the season. The bed provides an ultra-zone assistance system with optimal motion transfer. The mattress has medium-level suspension.

The bed consists of 2 drawers on the downside for keeping the bedroom tidy and clutter-free.

A magnificent adjustable headboard makes the divan more lucrative and handy. The beautiful style of the bed will be one of the reasons for the bedroom’s beautification. A secure assembly system, attractive colour combination and budgeted price make the mattress one of the great options for Luxury mattress lovers.

Short key features:

  • Beautiful headboard support
  • Restricted quality control
  • Comfortable size &colour
  • Wide storage system
  • Eye-catching structure


5. Comfort Night Sleep Bravo Divan Bed

Comfort Night Sleep Bravo Divan Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Colour- Grey
  • Size- 6FT (Super King)
  • Material- Memory Foam
  • Drawer Storage- Yes
  • Best for Bed bugs and dust resistance

Comfort Night Sleep Bravo Divan Bed has an eye-catching design with a distinct shape in grey colour. The six feet in size looks beautiful, including drawer options with a soft and adjustable headboard matching with the bed colour. The mattress having 12.5 gauge open coil technology makes your sleep at night more comfortable and stress-free, reducing the pressure on the body. Hypo-allergenic polyester with damask fabric ascertains peaceful sleep from unwanted bed bugs and dust.

The mattress is a 9” deep turntable with stiff coil wire as a protection for the border of the mattress. This kind of depth of the mattress is suitable for absorbing the joint pressure and having more air pockets throughout the mattress ensures no pain and neck problems in the morning after sleep.

Drawer storage is a good option for the users as they don’t need extra furniture for keeping the bedsheets and other things. The full package of the bed consists of a headboard, mattress, and two drawers. Bravo Divan Bed is particularly suitable for medium-sized apartment rooms. This type of bed is an excellent option for those who seek quality products in a mid-price range.

Short key features

  • Hypo-allergenic polyester fabric
  • Dust resistant
  • Spectacular adjustable headboard
  • Strong wired border protection
  • One/Both side drawer options


6. Inofia King Memory Foam Mattress

Inofia Double Memory Foam Mattress

Short Product Specification:

  • Size: 150 x 200 cm
  • Material-Polyurethane, Memory Foam
  • Mattress height: 22 cm
  • Mattress Cover: Removable
  • Best for Softness & Hardness

Inofia King Memory Foam Mattress is a different package for mattress lovers. People get two different feels in this mattress at a time as it has both soft and medium-level hard memory foam on the bed. The bed provides two feelings at the same time.

The users can shift quickly from the substantial part to the softer part as their wish for making sleep joyful. The mattress absorbs the body pressure speedily and leaves it immediately preventing joint forces. Multilayers foam with high flexibility makes the mattress perfect for body support. From head to foot, every joint of the body feels comfortable on the bed because of its structure and premium quality materials.

The mattress covers with a removable sheet on it that can recycle in multi times. The mattress has for sided zipper beside the cover for easy removal. The bed is ideal for people who are feeling difficulties with allergies and dust.

Very flexible polyurethane foam and high-quality fabric prevent bed bugs and dust & mote particles and make the sleep undisturbed.

OEKO-Tex recognises the certification of purity of all the materials of Inofia King. Having this type of soft memory foam is a plus point for getting the smooth and mild hard feeling, removable bed sheet, dust resistant, comfortable for allergy patients and so on.

Short key features:

  • Flexible polyurethane foam
  • Dust resistance
  • Beneficial for allergy suffers
  • OEKO-Tex certified
  • Ultra-breathable, body conductive


7. Divan Beds Double

divan beds Double

Short Product Specification:

  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Orthopedic Spring Memory Foam
  • Frame Structure: Wooden
  • Size: Double
  • Best for Excellent Style & Structure

Divans beds double a beautiful bed with a reserved quality and style. This bed uses orthopaedic spring memory foam, which is supportive for controlling body pressure. This type of material preserves the optimal balance of the body on the couch during sleep at night. The bed has a less motion-shifting system of the mattress for controlling the weight of the users. The base of the divan has 4 drawer storage options if the buyers ask for them while placing orders.

10” depth of the mattress allows holding more pressure and constant releasing sleep. The deep thickness of the mattress helps the users not to feel the springs in the position of the spring. The bed structure has 26” adjustable headboard option.

Diamante cubed shaped headboard has strong struts with accessories that look gorgeous above the bed. Grey premium linen stuff covers the whole mattress with durable border protection. Solid timber structure ensures the durability of the bed.

Premium quality, beautiful style, healthy frame formation attractive colour with modern linen fabric with advanced technology used in the mattress promotes the product for the competition with other luxurious divans.

Short key features:

  • The deep thickness of the mattress
  • Cube-shaped diamante headboard
  • Luxurious linen fabric
  • Wider drawer storage
  • Hand-made frame formation


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mattress for the money?

NaturalexExtrafresh is the best mattress for this price, along with Sleep Factory’s Black Crushed Velvet. These two products ensure most of the features and guarantees the qualities for its users. For example, NaturalexExtrafresh has a comfortable size and less weight than other mattresses and magnificent design Airtex 3d fabric and latex memory foam. Further, Black Crushed Velvet is good for its available colors, eye-catching contemporary hand-made design, and extra accessories of drawer storage, adjustable headboard, etc.

How do I choose a good mattress?

For choosing the best mattress for personal use, one should keep in mind several features and qualities like the budget. The budget is one of the most important for buying any mattress as one can have the most luxurious and best quality features mattress for the best price. Besides the durability of the bed, firmness and softness, the model, the weight of the body, and the sleeping style can’t be ignored.

Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

It depends on the users for their physical condition, preferences. Soft mattress is a better option for the people who side sleepers, body pain issues, want to go down into the bed and couple for fewer disturbances of the sleeping partners. On the contrary, a firm mattress is useful for the people used to sleep on their stomach and back, hot weather, position switching issue, and on the top of the mattress sleepers.

What is the best mattress from Costco?

Costco’s best mattresses are Casper, Tempur-Pedic, Broyhill, Blackstone, Brentwood Home, Beautyrest, and others. These mattresses have the most spectacular features, contemporary frame and design, and premium quality raw materials which satisfy the customers most.


All the mattress discussed above has gorgeous style, stable structure, premium quality fabric and unique types of foam. However, the NaturalexExtrafresh is more same and superb quality and one of the best options among all of these.

NaturalexExtrafresh ensures the best quality product in a restricted budget. But for the different minds Black Crushed Velvet, Bed Centre Ziggy Grey, Divans beds, Inofia King and other options can take into account.

Last Updated on 18th September 2023

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