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Best Sofa Beds UK 2023

Today’s article is to erase all your struggles to find the best sofa bed UK, as we all know how challenging it to choose a sofa bed.

Below nine sofa beds of UK are the incredible combination of style, comfort and easy accessibility for your better and beautiful lifestyle.

Our Top 2 sofa bed Overview

i. Honeypot Malvi Corner Sofa Bed

Honeypot Malvi Corner Sofa BedOut of all other sofa beds available in the market Honeypot, Malvi corner sofa is one of the best fold-out mattresses, best double.

It is outstanding in design and large in size, also offer easy assemble and smoothness to use. It comes with matching cushions and looks more beautiful with pillows.

ii. Honeypot Storage Sofa bed

Honeypot Storage Sofa bedHoneypot storage sofa bed is a first-class sleeper sofa with a fantastic price without compromising its super comfortable quality.

It has smooth operation and very easy to fold out and turn into a double anytime. It comes with matching cushion and seat covers.

Top 9 Sofa Bed Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 best sofa bed reviews UK 2023.

1. Honeypot Malvi Corner Sofa Bed

Honeypot Malvi Corner Sofa Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Material-Faux Leather/Fabric
  • Sleeping Area-240x129cm
  • Colour-All Grey, Black/Grey, White/Grey
  • Best –double

Honeypot Malvi corner sofa bed is one of the best sofa bed offered by the honeypot company in the UK. Malvi sofa bed is a beautifully designed sleeper with faux leather fabric; it is one of the most comfortable double sofa bed.

This corner sofa bed is huge and has lots of storage to keep all the cushions or blankets. They also provide matching cushions with it.

Honeypot Malvi is available in different color like black/Grey, White /Grey or all Grey. They are also available in the right and left-hand corner and also as a footstool.

This corner sofa is a perfect piece for your living or guest room with excellent functionality. It has 207 x340 x 151 cm dimension with 76 cm height, sleeping area of 240×129 cm. It can be served as a corner bed, sofa or as a container.

It is suitable for everyone with plush, soft grey top or seat covers. Anyone can sleep on it without any hassle as it can be folded out into a comfy double anytime for better use. The protection of the cushion is washable, but the seat cover and body needs professional cleaning.

This honeypot sofa beds comes with a more extended period of durability and stability and also with 12 months of guarantee. They also offer free delivery to your doorstep within a more extended period. But the most lucrative part of purchasing this bed is, you can give it back after the trial if you don’t like it.

Short Key Features:

  • Large and exceptionally well designed
  • Hidden storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provides matching cushions


2. Honeypot Storage Sofabed

Honeypot Sofa Viva Storage Sofa bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Colour Grey
  • Item Weight 50 Kg
  • Material Fabric
  • Sleeping Area: 196 x 132cm
  • Best for-huge storage

Honeypot storage sofa bed is offering the best quality in comparison to its low price. This bed is very much comfortable and supportive of using. It is as comfy as the main sofa; you can have fun by sitting on it and also can watch TV for hours long.

It is very much comfortable and supportive to sit or sleep for a more extended period. And the most fantastic thing is it can be fold-out into a double anytime.

The sofa bed offers ample size storage in the below of the seat to store all the pillows or blanket; for this reason, it’s called storage sofa bed so that it offers versatile uses to its users.

The two seated sofa bed will be fitted to any small room with a small space, as it has 153cm length, 100cm depth with 196 x 132 cm sleeping area. But it has an extensive size storage system.

The sofa bed comes in black and grey colour which is very beautiful and elegant in any room environment. The company also offer free home delivery to your doorstep with proper assemble facility in a shorter period. They also provide twelve months of product guarantee.

Short Key Features:

  • Great small sofa bed
  • Ideal for a spare room
  • Incredible service
  • Easy to use


3. Chesterfield Style Sofabed

Chesterfield Style Sofa bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Material-Velvet
  • Colour-Grey
  • Item Weight-90 Kg
  • Sleeping area-114cm x 185cm

Chesterfield sofa bed is a beautiful and elegant sofa bed which offers three and two seated sleepers. It is quite high in quality and consist of durable fabric for a more extended period of lasting.

The style sofa bed comes in a grey colour with matching cushion covers. The sofa comes in one piece, so don’t need to assemble anything. With the dimension of 194 cm length, 72 cm height and 90 cm depth-offering sleeping area of 114cm x 185cm.

All the material used in the bed is under the British Fire Regulations. Even it has a beautiful smell.

The frame of the sofa is made of also very high-quality materials like hardwood, kiln dried and glued reinforced. The seats provide high-quality foam fill cushions with matching cover which are removable and washable for future clean use.

The Chesterfield offers a highly comfortable and supportive sofa bed for all kind of users, with its versatile use. They provide velvet material for more comfort and weighed 90 kg. The foundation not only comfy but also highly durable.

The company offer free delivery to your doorstep, arrived in well packaged with excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Short Key Features:

  • High quality and durable fabric
  • Solid hardwood frame construction
  • Heavy seat cushions
  • Free assembly facility


4. Honeypot – Sofa – Bangkok – Corner – Storage Sofabed

Honeypot Sofa Bangkok Corner

Short Product Specification:

  • Colour-Black/Grey
  • Size-Right hand
  • Sleeping area-216x135cm
  • Best for- storage corner

This sofa bed called corner or storage sofa bed as it has an extensive size storage system below the seats to store its pillows and blanket or anything else. Honeypot offers excellent functionality with high durability in service year to year. This corner bed is something that can change the traditional look of your guest or living room into a modern look.

Bangkok corner sofa bed comes in two colour, black and Grey in right-hand corner design. The footstool is also available with the sofa bed for better use. The full dimension of the bed is 274 x 182cm depth and 83cm height.

The company is offering a free trial, which is a very money-spinning facility for any of the buyer. You can give it back if it doesn’t fit your room. So that you can be worry-free while buying it.

Storage sofa bed looks exactly like the picture given by the company; they keep their promises and give you a beautiful and also quality full sleeper bed. It can be used as a sofa or as a bed to sleep or tale rest for an hour to hour or as a container.

The company offers free delivery and assembling facility for its customer betterments. It is a complete package of beauty, quality and durable at a reasonable price too.

Short Key Features:

  • Great functionality
  • The sofa bed is universal
  • Footstool available
  • Free trial


5. Corner Sofa Bed with Massive Storage

Corner Sofa Bed with Massive Storage

Short Product Specification:

  • Colour-Black/Grey
  • Material-Soft fabric
  • Sleeping area: 200 cm x 143 cm
  • Best for-massive storage

Corner sofa bed with massive storage is one of the most sophisticated and well-designed sofa bed of Amber. These beds made of the highest quality. All the seats of the sofa are filled with excellent and firm foam to give super comfortable feelings. The seats will last longer with high-density foams.

The seats are also made of good quality spring to ensure the proper elasticity and strength of the places for a longer time.

The soft fabric used on the seats makes it more comfortable, and the firm foam makes it more supportive for all the parts of your body. It can be set or arranged to the right or left corner of the room.

The sleeper sofa has an extensive size storage system to store various things on can be fitted to any of your room and it undoubtedly a piece of a perfect furniture for your home to make it more elegant. The size is convenient, the full dimension of the sofa bed is 365cm width, 160cm depth covering 200cm x 143c sleeping area.

The product comes with one year of manufacturer warranty and provides free delivery and assembly facility to various places. Purchasing this bed is undoubtedly a price worthy decision for anyone.

Short Key Features:

  • Corner Sofa Bed with Storage
  • Top class quality and comfort
  • Made of the highest standard
  • Filled with high-density foam


6. Homcom Deluxe Faux Leather Corner Sofa Bed

Homcom Deluxe Faux Leather Corner Sofa Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Material-Faux_Leather
  • Colour-Brown
  • Item Weight-43.5 Kg
  • Best for –thickness and durability

Homcom Deluxe is undoubtedly the right choice for your room to make it more beautiful and elegant. This sleeper is a multi-functional sofa bed that can be used as a sofa, bed and even also serve the purpose of a container with is extensive size storage system below the seats. It also comes with an ottoman.

The sofa cover is made of extraordinary quality PU leather/ faux leather to make the sleeper more durable and thick for a more extended time. It has a storage system under every seat to store any type of item needed.

The deluxe corner sofa bed is also suitable for its wooden frame, which keeps it more stable and gives an elegant look. The sofa bed is easily movable and can adjust the surface between sitting and lying space.

The size of the sofa is also very adaptable with a dimension of 225 length x 165 width x 39cm height. It is available in very different brown colour than others; it will absorb less dust. So you don’t need to worry about cleaning all the time.

Short Key Features:

  • Multi-functional corner sofa bed
  • High-quality PU leather
  • Storage under every seat
  • Wooden frame with super stability


7. Honeypot – Sofa – Weronika – Storage Sofa Bed

Honeypot Sofa Weronika Storage Sofa Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Material-Fabric and Wood
  • Colour-Grey
  • Sleeping Area-190 x 130 cm
  • Best for-fold-out system

Honeypot Weronika is a perfect combination of soft, firm and durability. The sofa bed is well designed and very easy to operate and assemble. It comes in 2 seated in grey fabric which is very stylish and larger than it appears in the picture.

The sleeper has a massive storage system under the seats to store pillows or blankets. And the good part is it can be fold-out into a double anytime for couple sleep. It is multi-functional as it used as a sofa, as a bed or as a storage container.

Weronika sofa bed is available in a grey colour with a very adaptable size. The full dimension of the sleeper is 200cm length, 90 cm depth and 95 cm height. It covers 190 x 130cm sleeping surface.

The design and mechanism of the sleeper are surprisingly well smooth and well –made, give proper support with a wooden frame. The bed is helpful for the people having back problems for its firmness. It worth the purchasing in every penny.

All the sofa beds of Honeypot Company provides 12 months of guarantee and also a free trial facility. That means you can return the product if it doesn’t fit properly in your room or if you don’t like it after taking home. They also offer free and fast delivery.

Short Key Features:

  • Well designed and stylish
  • Easy accessibility and handy
  • Combination softly brushed fabric
  • Storage for pillows and blankets


8. Abakus Direct Oslo Corner Sofa Bed

Abakus Direct Oslo Corner Sofa Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Fabric-brown linen
  • Sleeping area (W) 200cm X (D) 125cm
  • Available in four colours
  • Frame -wood

Oslo corner bed offers a perfect combination of comfort, style and durability. It fitted to any of your room, and you can sit on it to relax or watch a movie for hours to hours. All the materials used in the product are of the highest standard, also considered the fire safety standard or regulations.

There are spring used in the cushion to make it make elastic and comfortable to use, the foam of the seats are substantial too. It has a strong base with a hard wooden frame for better stability. Also, provide effortless operation and assemble.

Abacus right corner is a large size sofa bed with a dimension of 224cm width, 140cm depth and 76 cm height. It’s available in four different colour-black, brown, and Grey and cream.

With the Oslo no one you don’t need to compromise any of your demands. You will get the luxurious, comfortable and stylish sofa bed at a very reasonable price also with more extended-lasting service.

Abacus corner sofa offers the refund facility of 30 calendar days from the purchase; you just need to inform that you don’t want to keep the order by emailing or calling. You can give it back if it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it. The company also offers two years of warranty.

Short Key Features:

  • Technically design
  • Handy and easy to operate
  • Beautiful looking and big storage


9. Yaheetech Modern Extra Comfort

Yaheetech Modern Extra Comfort

Short Product Specification:

  • Material-Linen
  • Colour-Black
  • Item Weight-29.4 Kg
  • Best for-multi-function

Modern comfort is an exceptional sofa bed made of Faux leather. It offers three seated sofa bed with a beautiful cup holder in the middle of it. It undoubtedly gives a modern look with its sparkling steel which is polished very carefully to provide proper shine.

The frame of the comfortable bed made of solid metal, it helps to give the construction better stability and durability. The leather used in the seats is very much comfy and easy to use, clean as it is removable and washable. The modern comfort has two extra pad which used as an extra pillow at any time.

This sleeper is a multi-functional sofa which used in three positions of seated. This beautiful corner comes with two drink holder and also with a coffee table. It used as a sofa, or it can be renovated into a bed in seconds and again transform to sofa instantly.

It is perfect for any small space room, living room or bedroom with the dimension of 180cm x 86.5cm x 83cm. It is available in a beautiful black colour.

With the perfect durability, comfortability and multi-functional foldable design make you Oslo purchase worthy.

Short Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality faux leather
  • Solid metal frame
  • Available cup holder
  • Legs made of sparkling steel


What should I look for when buying a sleeper sofa?

A quality full and comfortable sofa bed can turn any room into a guest room or bedroom. It can be called a sleeper sofa, sleeper or sleeper sofa.

The best sofa bed differs from person to person based on the person using it, weight, space facility and other comfort and support facility. To choose the best memory foam sofa bed, one needs to consider some basic facts discussed below:

1. Easy accessibility or operation: The assemble system of any sofa bed or sleepers is an essential thing to consider while buying any new one. As it will be tough for the users to collect it at home by own or in further use while moving it to another room.

2. Consider different sizes and styles: There are different size and styles of sofa beds available in the market. Sleeper sofa comes with comfortable memory foam, innerspring hybrids options. There are also corner sofa bed style, left or right side sofa bed style.

3. Weight consideration: The sofa bed weight and also the user’s weight both are significant. Too heavy mattress or sofa bed can cause the problem of moving it and lack of comfort feeling.

4. Frame materials: It’s better to avoid the metals for safety use and look for wooden frame construction as you are going to use it as one of your best guest bed & furniture. Kiln-dried hardwood or combination of this made the most reliable and most durable frames for any type of sofa bed or sofa.

5. Mattress quality: Mattress quality is one of the essential things to consider as the whole comfort and support depend on it. It can make night sleep better and provide proper support for the body, shoulders and back part.

6. Testing facility: It always better to check or test anything before buying it, so do its better for sofa bed. There are some companies available who offer the testing facility for the sofa bed. It’s good to buy from them.

7. Joint of parts: Need to search for those frames made of wooden dowels joined or double wooden, wood corner blocks etc. avoid any of the sofa beds which made of nails, staples or glue. Enquire these queries before buying or choosing any sleepers.

8. Cushion materials: The seat cushion of any sleepers or sofa should be substantial and comfortable. Even they must be good in elasticity so that the shape of the buffer won’t change after sitting on it. One will always feel pleasant while sitting on the seat cushion.

It is necessary to find a proper balance between firm but durable foam. Polyurethane foam is a common type of material; high resilient foam is also a proper set-up. Some may use a luxurious feather on the top.

9. Important tags: For proper and safe use, there are some important tags given by responsible authorities, so before buying any sleepers, we all should check those tags. For fire safety, look for UFAC tags-the Upholstered Furniture Action Council, found in 1978.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sleep on a sofa bed every night?

Yes, you can sleep on a sofa bed every night if needed. A sofa bed o sleepers made of comfortable foam of feather cushion on the top with a massive size. So it can be used as a replacement of any regular bed every night.

Is there a right sleeper sofa?

In the UK market, there are lots of good sofa beds available for better comfort and support. Lots of branded companies are offering the right quality sleeper sofa for their customers.

How can I make my sofa bed more comfortable?

Most of the sleeping sofa beds are comfortable and comes with many facilities but adding some more ideas can make it more convenient to use. To make the sofa bed more comfortable, you can follow the below instructions:

  • Add mattress topper,
  • Always keep the mattress clean and bright,
  • Use pillows to fill gaps,
  • Use feather topper, air topper.

Which is better futon or sofa bed?

Sofa bed or a sleeper sofa is always good for its super luxurious looks and comfort when it is buying with other furniture sets. But In comparison to space facility fusion is better when it comes to deep space and low budget, futon is a traditional bedding system of Japan.

Summary – Which Sofa Bed Should I Buy?

Most of the people have a terrible experience of sleeping on an uncomfortable traditional sofa set, to remove this bad experience and started sleeping on a good sofa bed, one needs to find a sleeper sofa which is the perfect combination of both comfort and durability.

Like Honeypot Malvi corner and storage sofa bed both are best in super support and long-lasting durability.

Last Updated on 18th September 2023

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