Best Soft Mattress UK

Best Soft Mattress UK 2023

Our team has researched on best soft mattress UK, based on several factors and come out with below nine outstanding soft mattresses.

Everyone has different personal preferences, and if you choose to have a soft bed, then this article will help you to find out the best soft mattress.

Our Top 2 Soft Mattress Overview

I. Silentnight Studio Premium Memory Foam Mattress

Silentnight Studio Premium Memory FoamSilentnight mattress provides a unique gel infusion comfort layer and active response technology to give the proper bounce-back feeling and perfect pressure relief to every type of sleepers with any kind of sleeping style.

With a highly breathable top-level and anti-allergy soft knit, clean and beautiful cover ensures the cooling surface in every season and provide a supreme level of softness.

II. Emma Original Double Mattress

Emma Original Double MattressThe soft and medium-firm Emma bed offers the highest level of elasticity and adaptability to every type of sleepers with any kind of sleeping position with its three layers of comfort and seven zoned back support.

It has highly breathable and adaptive Airgocell foam, visco-elastic and supportive cold foam for giving a superior level of softness, body support and comfort to everyone.

Best Soft Mattress Reviews 2023

Silentnight Studio Premium
  • Material: Cotton
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Depth: 26cm
  • Emma Original Double
  • Type: Foam construction
  • Cover: Cotton and Polyester
  • Best for: Medium firmness
  • Inofia Double Memory Foam
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Item Hardness: Soft
  • Cover: Micro-fibre fill
  • Leesa Premium Foam Mattress
  • Item Weight: 76 pounds
  • Material: Avena, Memory Foam
  • Available Sizes: 6
  • Simba Hybrid Mattress
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Material: Memory foam & spring
  • Best for: Responsive micro spring
  • CASPER The Perfect Mattress
  • Materials: Latex
  • Layer: 4 layers
  • Best for: side & back sleepers
  • OTTY 2000 Pocket Spring
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Cover: Polyester, Cotton
  • Hardness: Medium Firm
  • Eve Sleep Original Mattress
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Shipping Weight: 33 Kg
  • Best for: Seven-layer support
  • Dormeo Memory Plus
  • Cover: cotton
  • Firmness: medium
  • Best for: A hygienic sleep surface
  • Here are our 9 best soft mattresses reviews UK 2023.

    1. Silentnight Studio Premium Memory Foam Mattress

    Silentnight Studio Premium Memory Foam Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Item Weight: 30.5 Kg
    • Material: Cotton
    • Firmness: Medium
    • Depth: 26cm
    • Best for: Evenly weight distribution

    Silentnight mattress offers a tailored comfort with studio flex-foam core and highly active response technology, cosy touch with unique gel infusion comfort layer.

    The first layer of the mattress provides an innovative gel layer for breathability and makes sure that it doesn’t overheat at night. In the second layer, it includes the art of memory foam, which helps to distribute the body weight evenly to provide pressure where it needs.

    It has an advanced layer of memory foam which help you to enjoy all the facilities of memory foam without sinking feeling. So that you can wake up fresh without any aches and pain.

    Silentnight offers little more support and comfort with its medium and moderate firmness. The perfect firmness level ensures the proper joint and spine alignments, also takes care of back and shoulders. Silentnight studio offers not too soft or not too firm feelings to its users with viscose-elastic materials.

    The mattress comes in three different choices to fulfil all your versatile demand. You can take the one which is perfect for you, no need to compromise anything.

    The elements used in the mattress are highly suitable and tested for domestic use only. It comes with an anti-allergy and soft knit cover for extra breathability and safety.

    Silentnight comes rolled and shipped in a convenient box containing one mattress, one introduction pack and a box cutter.

    What unique feature it has? This memory foam mattress responds to the body structure, body heat by softening and balance the shape of your body. It also allows a superb level of orthopaedic support and optimum level of comfort

    Short Key Features:

    • Perfect comfort & support
    • Cooling Geltex feature
    • Tailored support & softness
    • Extra comfort & breathability


    2. Emma Original Double Mattress

    Emma Original Super Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Type: Foam construction
    • Item Weight: 23.4 Kg
    • Cover: Cotton and Polyester
    • Best for: medium firmness

    Emma aims to create a perfect mattress that suits every type of sleepers with multi-beneficial pressure-relieving, supportive and extremely durable materials. The mattress is constructed by three versatile layers to adopt anyone’s body shape for unbelievable support and pressure where it needed.

    It has advanced zoning system to offer perfect body support and pressure relief, thus keeps you happier in any sleeping position. The high-quality foams help to distribute the body weight and pressure evenly across the whole mattress.

    The point elasticity feature of the mattress provides a minimal level of motion transfer while sleeping with your partners at night. Finally, the aerogel open-pored foam offers the cooling surface all night. Then the viscose-elastic and HRX foam perfectly contours your body and takes proper care of your joint and spine alignment.

    The original double mattress comes with breathable and temperature regulating bottom and top cover to support air circulation and fit anywhere. It also keeps the dust and moisture away according to the climate. The cover is removable and washable for further use.

    The mattress offers 100-night free trial and ten years of guarantee. Also offers hassle-free return and free home delivery in a convenient and vacuum-sealed box.

    Why is Emma perfect? This bed is designed and developed with a combination of adaptive, visco-elastic foam layer for absolute pressure relieve sleep foundation, body contouring for everybody.

    Short Key Features:

    • Maximum body adaptability
    • Suitable for Back, side and stomach sleepers
    • Point elasticity system
    • Zoned support system


    3. Inofia Double Memory Foam Mattress

    Inofia Double Memory Foam Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Item Weight: 27 Kg
    • Type: Hybrid
    • Item Hardness: Soft
    • Cover: micro-fibre fill
    • Best for: extra cosiness

    Inofia mattress offers a traditional comfort foam with its 6cm memory foam and nine zoned based spring system. Extra-ordinary and moulding foam comfort to the body perfectly and springs gives ideal density in the longer run. The high-density foam is for pressure relieving and give weight where it precisely needed.

    It helps to absorb the body weight entirely and distribute evenly across the mattress for perfect body contouring and shaping. The pocket coil technology helps to provide more exceptional durability for delivering pressure relieve, minimal motion transfer and back support while sleeping. The unique zoned coil system is perfect for adapting each unique body structure.

    The mattress has a climate regulating and extra cosy cover with hypoallergenic and anti-mite system cover, which is made of individual fibres to releases moisture and give ideal sleeping surface immediately. It is removable and washable for safe and clean use.

    The materials used in the mattress are highly safe and comfortable. They are CertiPUR-US certified, eco-friendly and healthy, ensure your family sleep with no stress.

    Inofia offers free home delivery in a compressed and rolled box for comfortable settle. It also provides a confident purchase with a 100-nights free trial and ten years of warranty.

    Why Inofia? This unique designed mattress is highly breathable and adjustable to anyone’s body and gives the perfect cosiness to every sleeper. It helps to wake up fresh and energetic every day.

    Short Key Features:

    • Soft and pain-free
    • Refreshing & energetic
    • Ninth versatile zone of comfort
    • Highly pressure relieving


    4. Leesa Premium Foam Mattress

    Leesa Premium Foam Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Item Weight: 76 pounds
    • Layers: 3
    • Material Type: Avena, Memory Foam
    • Available Sizes: 6
    • Best for: body contouring and cooling system

    Lessa mattress is designed and developed by expert team members with three premium comfortable foam layers for pressure relieving, cooling system and body contouring. Avena cooling system in the first layer offers relaxed sleep; the second layer is for pressure relief and the third layer provide the zonal and core support to the body.

    Lessa premium has a high quality of microcell structure which offers the proper bounce, enough firmness and adequate airflow for a cooler sleep in all season.

    This bed is out of any motion transfer problem, so sleep with partners without any stress or disturbance.

    Lessa is adaptable to any kind of sleepers so forget your sleeping style while buying this mattress. It just quickly adapts one sleeping positions and provides the optimum level of body support and comfort.

    This bed provide risk-free purchase by offering a 100-night free trial with a full refund and ten years of warranty. Lessa believes return should be as easy as buying it.

    The soft mattress is shipped and wrapped in a beautiful, convenient box, delivered to your doorstep for free. The bed comes with a unique and seamless Iconic four stripe cover.

    Why Lessa premium? The innovative layer of high quality of foam construction gives the experience of improved pressure relief and more refreshing sleep all night.

    Short Key Features:

    • Pressure-relieving support
    • Highly breathable system
    • All season cooling system
    • Suitable for all sleeping style


    5. Simba Hybrid Mattress Original

    Simba Hybrid Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Type: Hybrid
    • Material: Memory foam & spring
    • Best for: responsive micro spring
    • Available in: All sizes

    Simba mattress offers the experience of future sleep with 2500 innovative spring of body support, comfort and cooling material.

    It has high definition foam support with zone-based layer to give care on the other area of the body, support where exactly it needed. The mattress is way too soft to absorb your body weight accurately and distribute it evenly.

    The airflow comfort layer and spring system is for keeping away the body heat and keep the surface cool all night. Simba hybrid has conical spring layers which help to minimize the motion transferor disturbance created by your partners’ movement. The super-tech edge to edge support will hold you where you lie without felling overheat even in the summer.

    Simba mattress is adjustable by any type of base and suitable for any kind of sleepers with any sleeping style.

    It has a hypoallergenic cover which means it is free of any type of allergy problem. It is good at regulating proper airflow and offers clean surface. The beautiful cover is removable and washable for further use.

    Simba provides ten years of warranty with ten nights of the free trial system. The refund is entirely cost-free and also offer free delivery in a convenient box.

    What’s the best feature? Simba has a super light and spring system to distribute proper support and make comfortable for everyone.

    Short Key Features:

    • Responsive Spring
    • Different layers of perfect comfort
    • No motion transfer
    • Edge to edge support


    6. CASPER the Perfect Mattress

    Casper The Perfect Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Cover: polyester with 1% elastane
    • Materials: Latex
    • Layer: 4 layers
    • Firmness: Medium
    • Best for: side & back sleepers

    Casper the perfect mattress is the combination of both traditional foam and pressure-relieving memory foam to offer the zoned based body support and comfort for a more extended period. The combination work ideally to make it not so firm or not too soft. It provides the highest quality sleep mattress with five constructed layers for perfect support and pressure.

    In the first layer, it provides more refreshing sleep and bounces with open cell, where the transition layer helps to distribute the weight evenly. The material of the open-cell layer also helps to keep the surface fresh and breathable in every climate.

    After that, it has an adaptive transition layer which is for the durability and more extended elasticity of the mattress. And you don’t need worried about the motion transfer while sleeping on the Casper; it has zero levels of motion transfer.

    This bed is best for stomach and back sleepers, although it suits all type of sleepers. It is free of any kind of allergy problems, and CertiPUR certified.

    The perfect mattress comes with a zip-off knit cover which is removable and washable at 40 °C. It offers 100 night of free trial and ten years of warranty with a full refund.

    What unique feature it has? The award-winning Casper mattress is best for its versatile body support and comfort; it designed and developed by the Casper expert team members.

    Short Key Features:

    • Minimal motion transfer
    • Breathable open-cell foam
    • Proper weight distribution
    • Durable support


    7. OTTY 2000 Pocket Spring

    OTTY 2000 Pocket Spring, Memory Foam

    Short Product Specification:

    • Item Weight: 20 Kg
    • Cover: Polyester, Cotton
    • Type: Hybrid
    • Hardness: Medium Firm

    The soft and comfortable Otty mattress is with versatile pocket capsule & unique cooling gel infusion construction in the top layer to keeps your body cool at night and reduce excess heat or moisture from the body.

    The vast number of spring gives permanent and durable elasticity to the mattress, which helps to provide the maximum level of body support and a minimal level of motion transfer while sleeping with partners.

    The award-winning Otty provides the body contouring, spine and joint alignment by taking care of your back at night. It gives a perfect sleep by keeping the natural body posture and temperature in ideal balance.

    The mattress comes with a highly qualified hypoallergenic and beautiful cover which is anti-allergic and dust-free. The material used in the cover helps to absorb the excess moisture from the body in every season keep the surface neat & clean.

    Pocket spring is adjustable to any type of base or frame and gives hassle-free use to its sleepers.
    Otty pocket spring offers a confident purchase by providing 100-night money back free trial system and ten years of tension-free warranty.

    Why Otty? Otty mattress comes with 2000 open cell side support and pocket capsule system offering 25 per cent extra sleeping surface and proper air circulation and anti-bacterial function.

    Short Key Features:

    • Both quality & comfort
    • Keep the temperature cool
    • Open cell side support
    • High-density base


    8. Eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress

    eve Sleep Original Memory Foam Mattress

    Short Product Specification:

    • Material: Memory Foam
    • Shipping Weight: 33 Kg
    • Suitable for: every type of sleepers
    • Best for: seven-layer support technology

    Eve sleep offers seven layers of comfort and body support using open- cell constructed foam which regulates proper air circulation and 5cm depth for pressure relief. It creates a perfect balance of quality and comfort with the highest level of flexibility and durability.

    The top layer is with special Emma foam which is much more springer & bouncer than any other traditional memory foam available in the market. The zonal system base is for keeping the pressure off and contouring the body shape naturally and adequately.

    The bed is with a proper ventilation system which gives it more breathability and air-circulation t the sleepers. You need to worry about the toss & turning problem or motion transfer problem as long as you are with Eva original.

    Eve comes with 98 per cent polyester with 2 per cent elastane, anti-slip base cover which is removable and washable for further clean & healthy use. The bed came in different sizes and delivered to your doorstep for free. It also offers ten years of warranty with 100-nights of a free trial. The return is also straightforward and hassle-free.

    Why Eve original? This mattress is famous for its seven zoned based support technology to give the perfect support and softness to all type of sleepers with any sleeping style.

    Short Key Features:

    • An equal balance of comfort & support
    • More breathable facility
    • Keep the surface cool
    • Climate control comfort


    9. Dormeo Memory Plus

    Dormeo Memory Deluxe

    Short Product Specification:

    • Cover: cotton
    • Item Weight: 19.2 Kg
    • Depth: 17cm
    • Firmness: medium
    • Best for: a hygienic sleep surface

    Dormeo Memory mattress provides softer and supportive sleep with 50 per cent more memory foam than a traditional foam mattress. This bed has perfect pressure-relieving, body contouring and support material, wrapped in a Florentine stitched cover with carbon fibre.

    This bed offers the best balance pressure-relieving material and firmer fillings. It helps to reduce the toss, and turning problem increases blood and air circulation and aids muscle regeneration.

    This bed has 3cm of luxurious foam, 14 cm of Eco cell foam to create a perfect supportive, comfortable and air-circulated sleep experience. The mattress is to be more elastic with its three versatile cellular structure for a longer period.

    This pressure-relieving mattress is initially for NASSA use, it cleverly contours anyone’s body to deliver a supportive and comfortable sleep throughout the night. The particular materials in the bed can sense the body weight and temperature to respond according to it.

    The Ecocell provide the ideal environment for healthy and proper air circulated environment for the sleepers.

    The materials used in the mattress silver cover are highly anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-dust in a proper sanitized system for safe and allergy-free use to your family.

    What unique feature it has? The multi-award-winning Dormeo mattress is enriched with carbon fibre to creates an anti-static barrier for dust and ensure healthy and hygienic sleep surface for the sleepers in every season.

    Short Key Features:

    • Luxurious thick memory foam
    • Multi-award winning
    • Supportive layers
    • Free of allergy

    Benefits Of Soft Mattress

    When it comes to choosing a new mattress, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want a soft or firm mattress.

    While some people prefer a firmer mattress for the support it provides, there are plenty of benefits to choosing a soft mattress. Here are some of the advantages of a soft mattress.

    Better pressure relief: A soft mattress can provide better pressure relief for your body, especially if you’re a side sleeper. A softer surface can contour to your body’s natural curves, helping to distribute your weight more evenly and reducing pressure points. This can help alleviate pain and discomfort, especially in areas like the hips, shoulders, and knees.

    Improved spinal alignment: Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can cause your spine to be misaligned, leading to pain and discomfort. A soft mattress can help improve spinal alignment by allowing your body to sink in slightly and contouring to your body’s curves. This can help reduce pain and discomfort, especially in the lower back.

    Better sleep quality: When you’re comfortable, you’re more likely to sleep better. A soft mattress can provide a more comfortable sleeping surface, which can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This can help improve your overall sleep quality, leaving you feeling more rested and refreshed in the morning.

    Reduced motion transfer: If you share your bed with a partner, a soft mattress can help reduce motion transfer. This means that if one person moves around or gets up during the night, the other person is less likely to feel it. This can help ensure that both people get a better night’s sleep without disturbing each other.

    Enhanced comfort: Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a soft mattress is the enhanced comfort it provides. A soft mattress can make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, helping you to relax and unwind after a long day. This can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can also help you sleep better.

    Better for lightweight sleepers: If you’re a lightweight sleeper, a firm mattress can be uncomfortable and even painful. This is because your body doesn’t sink in enough to contour to the mattress, leading to pressure points and discomfort. A soft mattress can provide a more comfortable sleeping surface for lightweight sleepers, helping them to get a better night’s sleep.

    Ideal for certain sleeping positions: Soft mattresses are often better for certain sleeping positions, such as side sleeping. This is because side sleepers need a mattress that can contour to their body’s curves and provide pressure relief for their hips and shoulders. A soft mattress can provide this type of support, helping side sleepers to sleep more comfortably and without pain.

    A soft mattress can provide many benefits for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface. From better pressure relief to improved spinal alignment and reduced motion transfer, there are plenty of reasons to consider a soft mattress.

    If you’re in the market for a new mattress, be sure to test out both firm and soft options to find the one that works best for you.

    How to Find the Perfect Soft Mattress

    Soft mattresses are extra soft & give the right cushioning and extra cosiness. So if you are lacking comfortable sleep and suffering from back, joint problems, the soft mattress is the right choice for you. A short guide for those whoever is finding a soft bed for them is for your reference below:

    Materials used or construction: There are several materials and layers used in any mattress while using any soft mattress one need to very conscious about the material used in it and the construction layer. Soft beds are available in versatile construction like memory foam, hybrid, sprung, and latex.

    Most of the soft mattresses available in the market are made by memory foam and pocket sprung. This mattress with memory foam are excellent, providing body support and comfort. Pocket spring offers additional support, and latex gives a more solid feel than other traditional memory foam available in the market.

    Size: Size is one of the essential things to consider while buying a soft mattress. There are many sizes available in the market for soft cushions, like a single, small single, small double, double and king size, etc. One should measure the desirable size first before buying any mattress.

    Quality & Durability: The quality of the mattress is another vital thing to consider as the softness and cosiness depend on the quality material of the bed. And it also decides the more extended period of use and durability. Quality of the content may vary from mattress company to company.

    Adaptability & Breathability: One should not forget about one more thing, the mattress adaptability and breathability. As all the mattress doesn’t use quality material. So that extra softness may lead to breathing problems sometimes. Different type of bed consists of versatile layers & material like gel infusion, airgocel or open air-cell.

    Thickness & Firmness: One should take proper checking about the breadth and firmness of the mattress. The mattress should not be too firm or too soft; medium firmness is adaptable for every type of sleeper.

    Motion Transfer: Motion transfer means the sound or the disturbance created by the movement of your partners while sleeping. You should use choose this type of mattress which are soft as well as free from motion transfer or disturbance created by partners movement at the same time.

    Sinkage: While finding a soft mattress, one should not forget about the depth of the mattress as it can sink the sleepers while sleeping on it. Soft beds tend to sink more so it’s good for them whoever suffering the problem of joint and back pain.

    Weight or Mobility: Soft mattresses usually are heavier as they supposed to have more layers than other bed available in the market. More layers make the mattress heavier. Mattress construction with foam layer tend to be less bulky.

    Spine Alignment: An extra soft mattress may lead to some problem, so one should check all the details. It should ensure that whether the materials and layers used in the bed assure proper spinal and joint alignments.

    Sleep Positions: Whoever is suffering from back and joint problem, and love to sleep on stomach, soft bed are great for them. Mattress choice may differ from person to person according to their sleeping style and position.

    Trial Period: There are several companies available in the market that offers 10 to 365 days of the free trial period and hassle-free return system. You can return it if you don’t like it or it doesn’t suit you.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What is a soft mattress, and is it right for me?

    A soft mattress is a type of mattress that is designed to provide a softer, more plush sleeping surface. It can be a good choice for those who prefer a softer feel when they sleep, such as side sleepers or those with pressure point issues. However, it may not be the best choice for those who need a firmer mattress for proper support, such as stomach sleepers or those with back pain.

    How do I know if a soft mattress is too soft?

    A soft mattress should provide enough support to keep your spine properly aligned while still feeling comfortable. If you sink too deeply into the mattress or feel like you're sleeping on a cloud, it may be too soft and could lead to discomfort or pain over time. It's important to find a balance between comfort and support when choosing a soft mattress.

    What materials are used in soft mattresses?

    Soft mattresses can be made from a variety of materials, including memory foam, latex, and hybrid materials. Memory foam is a popular choice for soft mattresses, as it provides excellent pressure relief and contouring. Latex can also be a good choice, as it offers a soft feel with natural breathability and durability.

    How long does a soft mattress typically last?

    The lifespan of a soft mattress can vary depending on the quality of materials and construction. However, most good quality soft mattresses should last between 7 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. It's important to rotate your mattress regularly to prevent sagging and to follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

    Can a soft mattress help with back pain?

    A soft mattress can be a good choice for those with back pain, as it can provide pressure relief and help to reduce pain in sensitive areas. However, it's important to choose a soft mattress that still provides proper support for the spine, as a mattress that is too soft can lead to misalignment and exacerbate back pain. It's always best to consult with a medical professional if you have chronic or severe back pain.

    Summary – Which Soft Mattress Should I Buy?

    Everyone has a different preference in using the mattress; some may prefer extra soft or extra hard.

    If you are looking for a soft bed the Silentnight Memory Foam Mattress could be your first choice for its extra cosiness and softness along with its other versatile benefits in comparison to the price, it also suitable for every type of sleepers.

    Last Updated on 18th September 2023

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