Biggest Bed Size

Choosing Biggest Bed Size

While we go for buying bed or mattress, we think of many things, consider every option so that we can have a good night sleep. But sometimes we get carried away and oversee the size of the bed, or we think the chosen size will fit while buying and don’t give much attention to that.

But later end up regretting. Because size matters while you are purchasing a bed. Here I will guide you which sizes you should consider while buying a bed for two adults.


The length of a bed should be 10cm longer than the person who will use the bed. Otherwise, he/she would be dangling feet over the end of the bed or have to fold his/her legs. And that is a very annoying way to sleep.

The standard UK double bed is 190cm long, which is 6ft3. That is perfect for the person who is 5ft 11inch tall, almost 180cm. But if you’re taller than 5ft11 than then, you should go for 200cm long bed. King size and super king size bed come in this length, choose any of them.

Some manufacturers make the bed which are extra-long like 215cm almost 7ft, and they make these beds considering notably taller person and if you think you are taller than most people than go for these beds.


Standard double size bed is 135cm full, which is 4ft6 and majority of British couple choose it for sleeping. That leaves 67.5cm or 2ft3 of space for each person who is not enough for a peaceful sleeping because you will disturb your partner every time you change the position, and it goes same for the other person. Though there are some couples, prefer to sleep close to each other instead of sleeping in a bigger bed because they think it improves their intimacy.

Small double beds are only 120cm or 4ft full. It will barely leave any room for each other for moving. The size is more suitable for a single user like more massive people. However, the couple can use these beds occasionally, not for everyday use.

How do you know the size is perfect for better sleep? There is a way to understand the ideal size of the bed. First, lie down the couch with your partner. Then put your hands behind your head with your elbows sticking out.

If the angle doesn’t touch your partner, then you have the right-sized bed. You will have enough space to move without disturbing your partner and will have a restful sleep.

Every year the couples sleeping in separate bed is increasing. If we look at the statistics then we will see, according to the Sleep Council’s Great British Bedtime report of 2017, 12% of couples sleep separately on the separate bed, and in 2013’s release it was 8%. And almost 25% of couples slept separately at least some of time.

Many of us want to sleep in the bed but also want to be with our partner. For those, the best option is a standard single bed which is 90cm(3ft) wide, and that will give you more room to sleep comfortably.

You can set up two single bed and link them anytime you want and make the related bed super king size if your room is big enough to set the foundations. But most of the modern houses don’t have a significant place to set up the two beds because of public demand for 4-5 bedroom in a home. So, the developer of the house has to squeeze the rooms and make them smaller. That said, most of the couples cannot set a super king-size bed in their place.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose a Bigger Bed

You can choose any bed to want, but if you are a couple, then you should choose a bigger bed. Here I will give you ten reasons why you should choose a bigger bed.

  1. You spend one-third of your life in your bed. By the time you are 60 years old then you have spent almost 20 years on your bed. It tells how important it is to choose a perfect sized bed so that one-third of our life can pay smoothly.
  2. The bigger bed may be costly, but if you think it as an investment, then it becomes easy. Moreover, a new bed cost around £100 to £120 and if we break it down to per night for seven years, then it costs only 3.9p to 4.6p per night. If you think it this way, then it is not costly at all.
  3. Standard double bed only offers 67.5cm or 2ft3 of space in width, and that is smaller than a baby cot.
  4. A study showed bigger beds are more suitable for couples because they sleep better in a bigger bed. It says almost 15% of the pair wanted to buy bigger bed before trial while the number increases up to 50% after trial. (Ergonomic pilot study by the National Bed Federation, 1995)
  5. Sixteen different countries use bigger average bed size than the UK. Most people of those countries sleep in 160*200cm beds while British people sleep in 135*190cm beds. Belgium, Holland, Finland and Switzerland are some of those countries.
  6. You intend to spend much money to buy the best tv, phone, house or sound system then there is no harm spending much for a bigger bed because it will ensure a comfortable sleep.
  7. Recently the bigger beds are becoming popular though almost two-thirds of the people buy a regular double bed. But more massive beds are getting popular day by day, and you will realize why after buying one.
  8. An average person moves or turns 60 to 70 time while they are in bed at night. So, it would be better if there is more room to do that for avoiding disturbance of another person.
  9. According to a report, people are getting more substantial day by day, and 4ft6 bed is not the right choice to sleep for two heavy people.
  10. After sleeping in the bigger bed, you will realize that it is the perfect choice for you and if you have a chance of travelling in business class why go for economy class.

So, buy a bigger bed and enjoy the first-class sleeping experience.

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Last Updated on 2nd January 2023

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