Electric Blanket With A Memory Foam Mattress

Can You Use An Electric Blanket With A Memory Foam Mattress?

An electric blanket is a blanket containing integrated electrical wires that can be heated up. An electric blanket typically includes a control unit that controls the level of heat the sheet produces.

If an electric blanket is for two-person beds, then generally separate groups control each side of the rug. It used both for pre-heating the mattress before using and for keeping the user warm while sleeping in the bed.

The memory foam mattress widely used nowadays. It provides super support and excellent comfort. In the winter season and the colder countries, people desire for a warm sleep.

So, now it is a current burning question of whether an electric blanket can use on memory foam mattress or not. To be precise, the answer is ‘no’. It is not suitable to use an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress. You will get the detailed frequently asked questions on this matter are here.

Is An Electric Blanket Safe On A Memory Foam Mattress?

When it is about using an electric blanket on memory foam, one thing can say that it is not a good idea. It is better to avoid using any heating instrument on memory foam as heat can disturb the quality of memory foam.

Can A Heating Pad Be Used On A Memory Foam Mattress?

A heating pad will disrupt the way memory foam reacts to the warmth and weight of our body, just like an electric blanket. So, you may not feel the exact comfort of the memory foam mattress as earlier.

Furthermore, the health benefits this innovative material offers will also be less after using a heating pad. That is why we recommend not to use any heating instrument to the bed.

Can I Put An Electric Blanket On My Mattress Made Of Memory Foam?

Staying away from the electric blanket will be a great option to choose from.

As we know, memory foam is consists of heat-sensitive material. It reacts to body temperature. By this reacting process, it molds to the body shape. It provides enriching comfort and the most excellent support.

The inclusion of an electric blanket onto the memory foam mattress can disrupt the uplifting harmony. The extra heat coming from the electric blanket may make the bed too soft to use. It will not provide the support it should give to the body and will make your sleep uncomfortable.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing an electric blanket and planning to use it on top of your memory foam mattress, then keep your wallet refrained. Just let your heat-sensitive memory foam mattress keep you warm on the coldest nights.

Electric Blankets As Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you are owning a budgeted memory foam mattress and are thinking of adding an electric blanket, then just step back and reconsider.

Memory foam technology perfectly molds according to body shape. Using an electric blanket will mess with this memory foam technology.

Memory foam has so many benefits like:

  • Improves the alignment of the natural spine
  • Supports the joints and backs
  • Eases pains and aches
  • Absorbs movements
  • Relieves the pressure points

An electric blanket can affect this technology of memory foam. So, it is best to avoid an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress.

What To Do To Avoid Getting Cold At Night?

If you are concerned about the night time temperature of your area, then consider using an outlast mattress cover for the existing memory foam mattress.

Outlast fabric prevents temperature fluctuations during the night. It stores the excess body heat and releases it back when the temperature starts to fall. The outlast mattress cover ensures your comfortable sleep.

Throughout the year you will get a perfect which is neither too hot nor too cold. So, you will be cozy and toasty during winter as well as cold during summer.

Another way to keep yourself warm during the colder months is to transform your ordinary bedroom into a pleasant den. Here are some tricks-

  • Investing in thick curtains
  • Using a thick rug to remove the chill off the floors
  • Adding a mattress topper to get an extra layer of warmness
  • Adding extra throws and blankets to bedding
  • Using draft excluders under the doors
  • Moving bed away from the window

A mattress topper to the bed setup will provide you with extra warmth and will keep you toasty during colder times; this will be an option indeed. If you are on a budget, then you can try the essential quality range of toppers. Moreover, you can try Zen memory foam mattress toppers to get the utmost comfort.

Asleep Desirable For All

Are you ready to experience the most beneficial rest this winter? Then start browsing our collection of a memory foam mattress. In case of any query regarding bed and sleep, contact to our Yorkshire Headquarter.

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Last Updated on 2nd January 2023

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