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Determine Fitted Sheet Depth Sizes For Your Mattress

The fitted sheet gives extra comfort to the user because it is soft and enjoyable. Most people say that the only harder thing of a fitted sheet is to force a small cloth on a larger mattress.

When a beds get thicker, and the mattress toppers are more popular, it’s sometimes so much challenging to buy the right fitted sheet for the user.

But if the user demands, then he or she can follow a trick which is to measure the mattress correctly and then read out the fitted sheet packages very carefully, which will help the user get a perfect fitted sheet for the ideal bed.

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  • Determine the Mattress Size

    It is not enough to determine the proper sheet size by only looking at the mattress. But if the user knows the measurement of its total height or thickness and how deep those fitted sheets must be to provide the bed, then it will be very easy for the user for adjustment.

    The user must have the proper knowledge about the mattress and how he or she wants to see the fitted sheet on the bed that is also important.

    Selecting the Sheets: Height Specifications of Mattress

    The user needs to jot down the mattress height, and then he or she should read carefully in the packages when choosing deep-pocket sheets.

    Sometimes the manufacturers can use a term called “pocket depth” or any other names instead of the height of the mattress. The packages that show the mattress height indicate that the sheets can fit into any bed of that particular size — full sheets for a full mattress, for instance, up to that height.

    For example, if the package chosen by the user indicates a 12-inch-high mattress, then the sheets can fit into any bed, which is 12 inches high or less.

    Fitted Sheet Pocket Size Measurement

    Some sheet packages show the “pocket depth” instead of the mattress height. This terminology can cover the fitted sheet’s height or depth, but it can be a bit trickier than using that mattress height to make the user purchase.

    The user needs to subtract 2 inches from the pocket depth to determine that if the sheets fit with the user’s mattress. If the bed’s pocket depth is 16, then the fitted sheet which fits that mattress 14 inches high or less.

    The user must have to avoid purchasing sheets with a pocket depth precisely at the same as the height of the bed because the fitted sheet will most likely not to be fit very well at the same size, which also given the added plushness and builds of the mattress. The sheet corners of the bed are likely to pop off if the pocket depth matches the height of the mattress.

    Measurement of Non-Number Fitted Sheet

    Sometimes a problem occurred: the fitted sheet depth sizes found on the sheet packaging, which doesn’t mention the exact pocket measurement or sheet depth.

    In this is the case, then the user must have to look for depth terminology listed as “standard,” “deep,” or “extra deep.” Standard-pocket sheets are typically fit mattresses, which is up to 12 inches high, while the deep-pocket sheets designed for beds, which are up to 15 inches tall. The extra-deep fitted sheets are for those mattresses, which are 16 to 22 inches high.

    If the user is unable to find him or her exact mattress size range, opt for a pocket depth larger than his or her mattress height and tuck the excess sheet fabric under the mattress.

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    Last Updated on 2nd January 2023

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