Garden Sofa Bed

Garden Sofa Bed – 2023 Edition

The garden sofa bed is a unique bed that can use in both indoor and outdoor space. Another best part of these products is it has 2 in one like a bed which can turn into a sofa or a sofa which can turn into a bed.

It gives the user flexibility to choose furniture for using multipurpose.

7 Sofa Bed Garden Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 garden furniture sofa bed in the UK in 2023.

1. TecTake 800339 – Best Garden Sofa Bed

TecTake 800339 Bed Island Aluminium Rattan Sun Lounger

Product Specification:

  • Material type- Rattan
  • Covers- polyester
  • Frame- light metal aluminum
  • Best for- Covering Shade

The TecTake 800339 bed has high-grade aluminum poly-rattan, which is very soft and comfortable, and the convertible sunroof offers soothing shade and wind protection for the user. This product has designed as outdoor furniture, but it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

There is a polyester cover in the TecTake 800339, which helps clean the product and gives a smooth texture to the product, making the product more comfortable for the user. There is also light metal aluminum in the frame, which keeps the product durable.

The unique part of this product is it can use as a mini-tablet with some chairs, or it can also be used as a bed with a covering shade so any user can use it for their multipurpose. It is available in various colors, which helps to decorate.

If anyone buys this product, he or she will get a 1x frame (Sun Island with table and seat elements), 3x pillows, 5x seat covers, 1x sunroof, 1x assembly instructions, and Assembly materials.


2. Garden Haven (TM) Rattan Garden Day Bed

Garden Haven Rattan Garden Day Bed

Product Specification:

  • Material- Rattan
  • Cover- Oxford fabric rain
  • Seating Capacity- Up to 8
  • Features-Water & Weather-Resistant
  • Best for- Gas pressure cylinder

The Garden Haven (TM) Rattan Garden Day Bed made from quality rattan, which helps embellish the terrace, balcony, sauna, wellness area, or garden of the user. It has a different color so that the user can decorate the place easily. It is easy to clean and dirt-resistant of this product by changing or rinsing the cover.

This product has so many exciting features like the folding ability, which helps the user change the placement, waterproof and water-resistant ability, Cushion Included, and UV Protected.

The best part of this fantastic product is its gas pressure cylinder, which makes the bed extra bouncy and fittings have a pelmet cover for added protection, which makes the product very much comfortable for the user.

The cover is made from oxford fabric rain with zips to secure this beautiful set of beds from adverse weather. This product is structurally stable and helps the product to sustain for a very long time. This fantastic product decorated outdoors, but if the user wants, he or she can also use it indoor.


3. Outdoor Garden Canopy Bed

Outdoor Garden Canopy Bed

Product Specification:

  • Color- White and Wicker Grey
  • Item Weight 27 Kg
  • Product Dimensions 160 by 165 by 140 cm
  • Material-poly rattan
  • Best for-beautiful color and design

The Outdoor Garden Canopy Bed is lovely and made from weather-resistant poly rattan. This product’s color is white and wicker grey, which makes this bed cuter than any other product.

This product has thickly padded cushions that offer a user great comfort for lounging. The makers of his product use poly rattan to make this product, which makes it more comfortable.

This fantastic product is outdoor, which gives a new fresh look to decorate the place like a garden or backyard or the terrace etc. It is a fixed assembled product and ready for use anytime. The product weight is 27 kg, and the product dimension is 160 x 165 x 140 cm, and the weight capacity of this product is 200 kg.

If any user wants to buy this product, they can get some extra items that help use this product like 1 x Daybed, 1 x Seat Cushion, 4 x Backrest Cushion, and 2 x Cushion.


4. Blumfeldt Heartland

Blumfeldt Heartland

Product Specification:

  • Covers- 180 g Polyester
  • The material of the frame- tubular steel
  • Upholstery material- poly rattan
  • Color- black body / ecru covers
  • Best for- comfortable space

The Blumfeldt Heartland is a two-seater lounge sofa with a perfect steel structure. It is an integrated coffee table that helps the user to use it as a coffee or calendar table and folding parasol for outdoor uses.

This product is a large, soft, and comfortable garden chair, which helps the user get healthy relaxation. This product is so relaxing because it has 8 cm thick seat cushions and a tasteful seating set for the user’s outdoor area.

The body parts color of his product is black, but if anyone wants, he or she can also get brown. And the cover color is flexible according to the choice of the user. This fresh product also has a modern design, which makes it attractive.

If any user buys this Blumfeldt Heartland sofa cum bed, he or she can get some other side products which will help the user to use this bed like 1 x stool, 2 x seat cushions, and 1 x stool pad, 2 x pillows, and multilingual instruction manual.


5. Recaceik 5 Pieces Outdoor Rattan Garden Furniture Set

Recaceik 5 Pieces Outdoor Rattan Garden Furniture Set

Product Specification:

  • Item Weight 24.2 Kg
  • Assemble- Easy assemble
  • Seat Size- 84. 6x55x29.5 inch
  • Best for- Lawn Pool Backyard place

The Recaceik 5 Pieces Outdoor Rattan Garden Furniture Set is a modern patio wicker conversation sofa with a glass coffee table. This product is lovely and perfect for lawn pool backyard.

This new design of this product is efficient and can bring an elegant feeling to the user’s outdoor life. The kit of this fantastic product is made of metal frame and covered with PE rattan, which can be removed and cleaned for easy maintenance.

This fresh product is made with high-quality construction materials to keep the product. The secure product table has a removable tempered glass, which adds a sophisticated touch and allows drinks, meals, or decoration on top. Another useful feature of this product is its water-resistant cushions and covers removable options, making the user easier for cleaning and maintenance.

The Recaceik 5 pieces of outdoor rattan garden furniture set can quickly assemble. The seat size of his product is 84.6x55x29.5 inches.


6. Evre Outdoor Rattan Garden Love Bed

Evre Outdoor Rattan Garden Love Bed

Product Specification:

  • Material- Rattan
  • Color- White / Brown
  • Type of sofa- Corner
  • Seating capacity- 2 seats
  • Best for- low price

The Ever Rattan Garden Love Bed consists of a two-seater sofa, pillows, and cushions with the furniture set, which is helpful for any user who wants to buy it. This fantastic product requires very little maintenance for using the product.

There is also high-quality PE rattan weave material, including 5cm thick cushions, which makes the product more comfortable. The cushions of the product come with some removable and hand washable cushion covers, which help keep the product clean. Those covers are also dirt-resistant and showerproof for the user.

This product is a corner sofa, but it can also adjust as a bed where the makers use rattan as the principal material. The color of his product is white and brown with a very standard design. There are two-seat sofa, so it has two seats as seating capacity, but if the user wants, then he or she can make it into bed according to the purpose. This product is best for low price users.


7.  TecTake 800693 Rattan Lounge Sofa

TecTake 800693 Rattan Lounge Sofa

Product Specification:

  • Maximum load: 250 kg
  • Backrest height: approx. 42 cm
  • Total dimensions (WxDxH): approx. 119 x 64.5 x 71.5 cm
  • Material: powder-coated steel, polyethylene, 100% polyester
  • Best for- low maintenance

The TecTake 800693 Rattan Lounge Sofa is a stylish robust and a comfortable sofa which has thick cushions for getting extra comfort zone. It is effortless to set up and required deficient maintenance, and assemble of this product can do very quickly and easily.

The makers of this product use very high-quality materials like polyester, foam, powder-coated steel, polyethylene, etc. making the product more comfortable. Total dimensions of this product are approximately 119 x 64.5 x 71.5 cm, and the backrest height of this product is about 42 cm.

This product can take a maximum of 250 kg at a time, so it is solid to keep heavyweights. The larger stool of his product, along with flip-out support, can be adjusted to become a footstool or bench to complement the sofa, helping the user to use the product for multipurpose. This product is best for low maintenance so that users can maintain it very quickly.



From all the garden sofa beds from those seven, if anyone wants the most gorgeous and quality full one, I recommend the first one, the TecTake 800339 sofa bed.

This product has most of the facilities at a meager price, a perfect package for any user.

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