Garden Swing Chair

Garden Swing Chair UK – 2023 Edition

You are sitting in your garden swing chair, the wind is blowing, the wind swinging your chair slowly and you are enjoying every moment of your relaxation.

Yes, this bizarre feeling and environment are possible just by buying a garden swing chair and installing it in your garden or open space.

Here, I will help you to find the best garden swing chair, which will make this feeling more enjoyable and beautiful.

7 Garden Swing Bed Hammock Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 garden swing bed in the UK in 2023.

1. Garden Market Place Heavy Duty Garden 3-seater swing seat

Garden Market Place Hammock Bed

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Metal, Fabric
  • Dimension: 192*171*120 cm
  • Cushion Thickness: 55mm
  • Capacity: 119*80*99
  • Best Feature: Showerproof Cushions

Garden market place offers you a heavy-duty swing seat where three people can sit easily. The swing seat is made of heavy-duty steel which makes it durable and long-lasting. They also provide luxury showerproof cushions which are very comfortable to sit. These cushions are 55mm thick and made from polyester, which is easily removable and offers matching beige with a brown coloured frame.

The swing seat’s body is overall 192 cm wide, 120cm deep and 171cm tall. The chair is 150cm wide, 52cm deep and 54 cm tall. You can use the seat as a bed. In that case, the dimension would be 150*106cm.

It weighs 41kg approximately.

They offer an adjustable canopy. It is made from polyester, and the size of the canopy is 191*126*16cm. It can protect you from the direct heat of the sun also you can remove the canopy and get a tan. The swing seat can be easily assembled after delivery. Only two people can quickly assemble it in 30 minutes with the provided tools.


2. BIRCHTREE Garden Metal Swing Hammock

BIRCHTREE Garden Metal Swing Hammock

Short Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 200*120*164cm
  • Weight Capacity: 340kg
  • Cushion Material: Oxford fabric
  • Canopy Material: Polyester
  • Best Feature: Comes with two pillows and two beverage trays.

Birchtree swing hammock offers a luxury swing chair to enjoy the great outdoors. Its humanism design helps you to stretch out for maximum relaxation. This beautifully designed swing chair will give your garden, backyard, porch or patio a great look and style.

Birchtree hammocks are brown. The size of the swing chair is 200*120*164cm. They used a silver-grey powder-coated steel pipe. This swing chair comes with 6cm soft removable cushion and an adjustable canopy.

The materials of the pillow are oxford fabric and polyester wadding filler. For the canopy, they used water-resistant polyester fabric. The net weight of this swing chair is 38 kg, and the gross weight is 41kg.

These hammocks are made for three people, and It can hold almost 340kg. These also come with two pillows and two beverage trays. KMS designed this swing chair to be multifunctional. You can use it as a swing chair or as a bed. It will be great for taking a nap. Also, it is easy to assemble.


3. Charles Bentley 2-3-Seater Larch Wooden Garden Outdoor Swing Seat

Charles Bentley Swing Seat Hammock

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Larch Wood
  • Capacity: 220kg
  • Dimension: 190*130*192cm
  • Cushion and Canopy material: Oxford Polyester
  • Best features: Weatherproof

If you desire to give your home garden a luxurious look, Charles Bentley Swing Seat is for you. They made it with solid larch wood and has galvanized steel metal chains. The larch wood makes the swing seat durable and long-lasting. It features free standing swing.

The swing seat is brown. It comes with a cushion and canopy. The canopy can protect you from the sun, and the cushion offers you comfortable seating. The colour of the pillow and canopy is cream. Canopy and cushion are made with accordingly 300D and 600D oxford polyester.

The overall dimension of the swing seat is width 190cm, depth 130 cm and height 192cm. The size of the chair is 115cm in width and 50cm in-depth, the weight of this swing seat is 52 kg.

You have to assemble it on your own, and it will take not more than 40 minutes. The canopy and cushion are easily removable. The capacity of this swing seat is 220kg. Also, the swing seat is weatherproof. You can use it in any weather.


4. Potenza Premium Hammock

Potenza Premium Hammocks

Short Product Specification:

  • Stand Material: Steel
  • Pattern: Mexico-Crossbar
  • Dimension: 350*125*120cm
  • Capacity: 220kg
  • Best Feature: Three Layers of Protection

Potenza offers a value for money premium hammock. They made these premium hammocks with the highest quality of steel that makes the hammock extremely solid and stable so that it can swing. They used three layers of protection that help you to relax without fear of falling in the ground.

The colour of the stand is graphite. The pattern of the hammock is Mexican-crossbar. The capacity of the bed is 220kg; two people can easily share the hammock to relax comfortably. The length, height and width of the stand are accordingly 350cm, 125cm, 120cm. The dimension of the bed is 220*160cm.

The hammock is weatherproof. You can use it for the whole year, and it won’t give you a problem. The hammock is so easy to assemble that it will take only 10 minutes to assemble.

You can disassemble it if you want to store it after using by quietly dismantling it in reverse order. Potenza offers two years of warranty so that you can use it without any tension.


5. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Cotton Fabric
  • Dimension: 250*109*104
  • Capacity: 204kg
  • Stand Material: Steel
  • Best Feature: Comes with carrying Bag

If you are looking for a carriable, fit anywhere kind of hammock, Vivere hammock is for you. This double hammock with stand is space-saving and fits anywhere. You can set it up in the most convenient place and don’t have to rely on perfect two trees to set it up.

This hammock is tightly woven with high-quality breathable cotton, which is very comfortable to sleep or relax. Superior polyester end strings ensure a durable, long-lasting bed. It can hold up to 204kg or 450 pounds. The steel they used for the stand is heavy-duty steel. The zinc-coated legs prevent rust due to surface scratches.

Vivere hammocks come in various colours. Like denim, natural, tropical etc. The size of this hammock bed is 63*94 inches with a total length of 130inch. Two adults can easily fit in the bed. The hammock is easily adjustable.

You can decide how high or low you want to lay by adjusting hammock hooks. Rubber end caps allow you to assemble the bed indoors. Vivere also provides leather stitching carry bag which will enable you to carry it anywhere you like.


6. My_garden M0471 Hammock

My garden M0471 Hammock

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 230*98*82 cm
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Colour: Brown
  • Best Feature: Comes with a headrest pillow

If you are searching for a great single garden hammock, then My_garden hammock is for you. The manufacturer of this hammock is SalmarSrl. They manufactured it with a bed like design and allowed you to enjoy the sunbath in your garden or backyard.

SalmarSrl offers this hammock brown in colour. The height, length and width of this hammock are respectively 82cm, 230cm and 98cm. The tubular structure of this hammock is made of iron and the epoxy powder coated keeps the structure corrosion free on top of that. It is also rustproof. The weight of this hammock is only 13 kg.

My_garden hammocks come with headrest and bag magazine. This hammock is very easy to assemble. Anybody can join this in literally 10 minutes. You can also disassemble it for winter storage easily.

These hammocks are very comfortable to lay down. It can support your front as well as back in comfort. You can also adjust the hook to keep the bed tight or loose. The cover of the hammock is machine washable.


7. SONGMICS Padded Double Hammock

SONGMICS Padded Double Hammock

Short Product Specification:

  • Material: Metal, Fabric, Bamboo
  • Capacity: 225kg
  • Bed Size: 200*140cm
  • Size of Pillow: 110*26cm
  • Best Feature: Portability

Songmics double hammocks are portable hammock in the budget. Just because they are cheap on price doesn’t mean they compromised in quality. They made the hammock with 300D oxford fabric and used curved bamboo spreader bars instead of straight bars. That makes the hammock more stable.

The hammock is 200cm in length and 140cm in width. This product come in blue and beige colour and The hammock holds up to 225kg. Songmics provides an attachable padded pillow to give you best comfort. The size of the pillow is 110*26 cm.

The best feature of this hammock is its portability. The hammock weighs only 5.5 kg. It is effortless to install. So, you can carry it anywhere.

You can set it in your garden or living room or take it to the beach even on the trip. It will make your family picnic more enjoyable. The heavy-duty ropes will ensure your safety. After using this hammock, you will love it more than your bed.



People use swing chair or hammock to relax, to free their stress and simply enjoy the moment. For that reason, the chair or hammock should be comfortable and safe enough to hold you up.

Above mentioned hammocks are capable of fulfilling your requirement. Like, if you want a weatherproof swing chair, you can buy Charles Bentley swing chair, if you want a portable hammock you can go for Songmics hammock. Just choose one of them and enjoy your leisure time peacefully.

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Last Updated on 24th May 2023

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