How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster

How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster

Congratulations, you just purchased a new memory foam mattress. Or maybe your parents did that for you.

Whosoever the buyer is, there should be one question in your mind – how to make memory foam mattress expand faster?

Let us discuss the answer on this page so that you can start enjoying your nights on your new bedding as soon as possible.

Expansion: Why it is required?

Memory foam pillows and mattresses come compressed in a box. To ship and deliver the comfortable piece of foam, manufacturers have to cram, vacuum seal and roll it inside a plastic bag.

Once you open the packaging, a memory foam mattress takes time to regain its original dimensions. Expansion takes up to 72 hours; however, sometimes it might plump within 48 or even 24 hours.

To expedite the development, place the mattress in a warm and well-ventilated area, so that the natural airflow can help the bed to return in its original size in a fast manner.


Step 1: Unpack the mattress. Remove the box, plastic, or any other material attached with the bed. Use your hands to remove everything. Do not use a knife or scissors, which may result in a damaged mattress.

Step 2: Acclimatization. Unroll the mattress, leave it in a ventilated room and allow it to adjust according to the temperature. Within one or two hours, you will notice that the bed is expanding. Follow the process in any area or season you buy the bed, especially in the winters.

Step 3: Expand the mattress. Now, you have to separate the different layers. Pull the sheets in slow and uniform motion. Do not apply extra force. Otherwise, you might accidentally tear the mattress cover or the foam material inside. If you feel resistance, allow the mattress to expand for some more time and try again.

Step 4: Give it some time. Allow the bedding to expand for up to 72 hours. This duration is enough for the mattress to return in its, original shape and size.

Step 5: Settle the mattress. Place the mattress on the bed frame, use the desired bedsheet, and start enjoying the comfort of memory foam.

Benefits of expansion

Even if your memory foam mattress or topper looks ready to sleep, there are advantages of waiting for 24 to 48 hours. We will discuss a couple of benefits here.

a. Ventilation: One of the primary benefits of expansion is ventilation. Most of the mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, means they have tested for content, performance, safety, and durability. All the testing and verifications are done by third-party organizations, so can be sure that you are using a quality product.

However, memory foam and the plastic wrapping contains a light smell of chemicals. So, leave the mattress to expand for at least 48 hours, especially if are sensitive or allergic to any strange smell.

b. Safety: Mattress manufacturers recommend the expansion of bedding for a certain period. So it is a good idea to follow the same because if they are suggesting something, there have to be some actual reasons behind it.

What if the mattress is not expanding even after 72 hours?

In some rare cases, the mattress never expands to its original size. If you have been waiting for more than 72 hours and still the bed shows no signs of full expansion, you should contact the manufacturer.

They will tell you some steps depending upon the mattress model that will help you to expand the mattress. The makers can even replace the mattress if none of the steps are working for the expansion.

Remember, different memory foam mattress has a variable expansion time, which depends upon the manufacturer, model, and the built materials. However, 72 hours is the maximum time a bed can take to expand. It might be as low as a day or even a couple of hours.

How about latex or a hybrid mattress?

Latex or hybrid mattresses can also come compressed in a delivery box. No matter what is the material, if the mattress is squashed, you have to follow the same process for all.

Bottom line

Now, you know how to make memory foam expand faster? If you want a comfortable mattress where you can rest and sleep with peace of mind, then you should take proper care of the bedding.

The first step to get a perfect sleep solution is to expand it. Following the given steps will not only ventilate the mattress but also extend its life and prevent unwanted troubles like sagging and degraded edge support in future.

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Last Updated on 2nd January 2023

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