How To Make Your Mattress Higher

How To Make Your Mattress Higher

Getting out of bed early morning can be a difficult task, especially if you are an elderly or an individual dealing with lower back pain.

Disabled and sick users can face even more trouble getting out of a low frame bed. If you are facing the same difficulty, then you might think, how to make your mattress higher?

Well, we are going to discuss the same here. Read on to know more.

You can make your sleeping surface higher either by raising the bed or adding layers on the mattress. We will discuss both ways one by one.

Raise a mattress

a. Wedge: Raising the head of your bed can be the easiest method to build height. To increase the head, you can add a mattress wedge that has health benefits as well. Although you are only raising the head of your bed, you will get the desired results. Mattress wedge is an inexpensive sleep product and its installation on the bed is easy.

b. Mattress topper: Removable bedding on your sleeping surface that enhances its comfort and height is sold as a mattress topper. However, the maximum width of a mattress topper is 4 inches, so you can only utilize it for minor height change.

c. Double mattress: Place one or two cushions on the current one for the desired height. It’s another easy solution to get a high sleeping surface. However, it can be only used as a temporary solution because using two mattresses in a parallel manner is not recommended. Still, you can use it when you can arrange a solution later.

Raise the bed

a. Bed risers: Available at furniture and home improvement stores, bed risers elevate the bed to give you secure access to the sleeping surface. Also, it gives you additional storage beneath the bed frame.

Bed risers are available in different built materials, including plastic, metal, and wood. You can choose from a variety of heights, shapes, and sizes. They are easy to install; you have to lift each corner one by one and slip the risers under the feet.

If you do not want to invest in a riser, you can always use bricks or old books to raise the bed frame. In case you are using a brick or wooden block, make sure that you cover its edges and corners to avoid any unwanted injuries.

b. Wheels: If you want to some other benefits of raising the bed excluding the storage space, then consider attaching wheels to it. Apart from giving you an accessible-height, the wheels will also be helpful while cleaning. You can move the entire furniture while vacuuming the area, then shift it back once done.

If you choose to add wheels to the bed, then make sure you have a long skirt or large bedsheet to cover them. Coasters are useful, but it can be a spoilsport for the interior décor if visible directly.

c. Adjustable bed: If you are sick, injured, or dealing with severe back pain, you can invest in a flexible or automatic bed. These are similar to hospital beds wherein you get multiple height adjustments and positions that give you the required convenience, accessibility, and comfort. You can browse Amazon for some of the best adjustable beds available in the market.

d. Remote-controlled bed: This option is similar to an adjustable bed. However, there is an additional feature of remote control. So, the bed can be adjusted in many positions, according to your health or medical condition, but you can change the settings using the included remote as well.

Benefits of raising a mattress or bed

As we discussed earlier, a low frame is intricate for disables and elderlies who are sick or too weak the apply the pressure on their lower back and spine. However, even you are a healthy user; there are other benefits of rising the mattress

  • Raising the head will prevent acid reflux, respiratory troubles and enhance the blood circulation
  • Using a mattress topper will prevent your back pain
  • Wedges are helpful in neck and shoulder pain
  • Bed risers can give some extra space beneath the bed frame

Bottom line

We hope you got the answer to your initial question, how to make your mattress higher? Whether you want to raise the height of a bed or the mattress, it is not going to be expensive. Decide the height you want and choose one of the solutions given above.

Changing the height might change the appearance of the mattress as well, but you should not be worried about that. You and your health are what matters the most for us.

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Last Updated on 2nd January 2023

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