How To Roll Up A Memory Foam Mattress

How To Roll Up A Memory Foam Mattress

How to roll a memory foam mattress? It’s one of the reflexive questions that will arise in your mind if you own a memory foam mattress.

A bed made of memory foam is bulky and requires at least two individuals to move. Even if you got a van, then it will take a ton of space, and there will be difficulties accommodating other items.

So, if you are shifting your belongings to a new place, then there is good news’; an easy and affordable way to compress and roll back a memory foam mattress.

So that you do not have to look for an army of friends to help you while shifting the house.


a. Mattress bag. The first component you need is a plastic bag for the mattress. There is a variety of inexpensive plastic bag specially made for beds. Purchase a high quality recyclable plastic bag. If possible, look for a bag with sealed ends.

While purchasing the bag, make sure it matches the size of your mattress. Example, if you have a queen size bedding, look for a bag with matching dimensions.

b. Ratchet Straps. Also known as tie-down straps, these will keep the mattress rolled up. Another inexpensive component of the process, which also works as a handle while you are on the move. It also keeps everything in place and gives you compact luggage to carry.

c. Duct tapes. With numerous uses, duct tapes are efficient and sticky. However, make sure you don’t take an industrial dust tape that cannot be removed without damaging the plastic.

d. Vacuum cleaner. You do not need a super-powerful vacuum for this task. Any regular steam cleaner with a cleaning pipe will work.


Step 1: Remove everything from the mattress. Take off the pillows, bed sheets, quilts, or any other sleep accessory from the bed.

Step 2: Slide the mattress inside the plastic bag. Fit the plastic bag smoothly on the mattress. If you have the right size, the mattress will easily fit inside the bag. Bolster and reinforce the corners and edges with duct tape.

Step 3: Seal the mattress. If you have a sealed plastic bag, this step will be comparatively easier. If you do not have a sealed bag, use the duct tape to seal the ends, then cut a hole matching the size of the vacuum pipe, so that it can reach the mattress surface. Use the duct tape to fix the pipe with the surface, so that the vacuum can work in a fast and efficient manner.

Step 4: Vacuum out the air. Connect the vacuum pipe or hose with the central unit. Switch on the vacuum with moderate settings and watch the mattress compress. Slowly, all the air will be sucked, and you will notice that the mattress is left with only one-tenth of its original volume.

Step 5: Roll the mattress. Once the bed is flattened to the maximum, you can start rolling the mattress. Leave the vacuum cleaner powered on, so that air cannot make a way inside.

Step 6: Strap once rolled. Once rolled, use the ratchet straps to make sure that it stays in the same way.

Tips and tricks

a. Use the right-sized mattress bag. While you might think that it’s just a plastic bag and you can adjust it by taking a more prominent or small size, you should not try that. Do not choose anything smaller or bigger, only look for the right dimensions; if you want an efficient compression.

b. Place it horizontally. Place the mattress along with the vehicle, do not make it stand in the trolley or boot. If a memory foam mattress is kept in standing manner for a long time, it could damage the foam material and void the warranty as well.

c. Prefer a sealed bag. A plastic bag that is already sealed or can be made airtight using a strap or any other mechanism is better. The process will be more straightforward with a sealed bag as you will not have to seal it manually using duct tape or anything else. Also, it is good to know the fact that sealable bags are made with high-quality materials if compared to open plastic bags.

Bottom line

Next time you have to shift your belongings to another place or house, you know how to roll up a memory foam mattress? So, do not think that the transportation of a memory foam mattress will be a pain. As you read, compressing and rolling a bed can be readily made available using inexpensive resources.

If you had a bad experience moving an innerspring, then you can check some of the best memory foam mattresses here. (We can use our link here) So that next time you do not have to take the trouble of moving a large bed, instead you can follow the simple procedure discussed above to shift a memory foam mattress.

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Last Updated on 2nd January 2023

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