Small Double Divan Bed UK

Small Double Divan Bed UK – 2023 Edition

In this review article, we will review some of the best small double divan bed UK so that our audiences can easily choose the best-suited one for them.

There are many small double divan bed sets available in the UK with different specifications and features and we will try to describe the major and minor features of the beds.

7 Small Double Divan Bed Sets Review 2023

Here are our 7 small double divan bed with mattress reviews in the UK.

1. Bed Centre Memory Foam Divan Bed

Bed Centre Ziggy Grey Plush Sprung Memory Foam Divan Bed

Product specification:

  • Dimension: 150 cm X 200 cm
  • Size: king
  • Colour: grey
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Best for memory mattress

The Bed Centre divan mattress is a high-end mattress that ensures ultimate support and comfort to the users which makes it one of the best-selling and most-demanding small double bed divans in the UK.

The divan bed comes with a memory foam mattress which is the best part of it. Memory foam gives enhanced and ultimate support to the body of the user that helps to have a comfortable and relaxed sleep.

The ortho-sprung memory sprung mattress contours to the body shape and weight which helps to reduce pressure and provide a comfortable experience. The mattress gives a moderate level of support which is the ultimate demand of many people.

The king-size bed is a perfect choice for couples. The Polyurethane outer material makes the cleaning process easier and helps to keep the mattress hygienic. The classy grey colour gives a great outlook to your bedroom and fits in any modern bedroom interior. There is a 32-inches high headboard with this divan bed.

The bed also contains two luxury plush base drawers which are on the same side of the bed. The drawers are great for storing your comforters and quilts or any other staffs. This Bed Centre divan bed is a perfect combination of comfort and style that makes it suitable for any modern home.


2. Reliance Ortho Divan bed

Reliance Ortho Divan bed

Product specification:

  • Dimension: 191 x 137 x 39.37 cm
  • Size: double
  • Material: fabric
  • Wood: mango wood
  • Best for Orthopaedic Mattress

Many people look for a good-quality double divan bed along with a comfortable Orthopaedic Mattress for having both a luxurious appearance and comfort. The Reliance Ortho bed is an eventual choice for those buyers as it will provide both.

The bed comes with an orthopaedic mattress which is a great relief for people who are suffering from orthopaedic problems like arthritic, pain in the waist, back and hip etc. The mattress relieves the troubles and gives more support and comfort than other normal mattresses.

The dimension of the doubled-sized divan bed is 191 cm in length, 137 centimetres in width and 39.4 centimetres in height. The faux leather finish of the bed makes it an elegant piece that enhances the beauty of your bedroom. The classy black colour makes the bed unique and gives a different appearance.

The two drawers under the bed are a great storage place and also save space for your bedroom. The material of the outer surface of the mattress is Belgium damask fabric that keeps the mattress cool and prevents sweating.

The bed is mango wood-made which makes the bed sturdy and durable. There is very little possibility of damage and tear as the wood is very sturdy. The weight of the small double divan bed with mattress is 18 Kilograms.


3. Sleep Factory Limited Divan Bed

Sleep Factory Limited Divan Bed Set

Product specification:

  • Size: double
  • Colour: silver
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Dimension: 135 cm x 190 cm
  • Best for mango wood material

The Sleep Factory divan bed is a sturdy and durable small double divan bed with storage. The material of the divan is mango wood which is a high-quality material and doesn’t get damaged easily.

You won’t have to worry about the durability of the divan bed and can enjoy the benefit of the bed for a longer period. This hard and robust bed will serve you just like the new one over many years with the high-end mango wood material.

The dimension of the double-sized bed is 135 cm x 190 cm and it comes in silver colour. The two drawers, which are on the same side of the divan, are great for storing your daily needs. You can also keep the comforters and quilts rather than keeping those in your bed. The contemporary design with silver colour gives a touch of elegance to your bedroom and gives a classy outlook.

The orthopaedic mattress gives good support and comfort to the users. It an added ease to the people who are suffering from orthopaedic troubles and pains in the body. for couples, this double bed divan bed is an ideal choice.


4. Revive Direct Premium Divan Bed

Revive Direct Premium

Product specification:

  • Colour: grey
  • Foam factor: Upholstered Bed
  • Mattress: memory foam
  • Size: 3 feet
  • Best for easy mobility

The Revive Direct divan bed is a convenient option for all, especially for its easy mobility. There are chrome gliders in the base of the bed that makes the movement easier and effortless. You don’t have to push the bed hard for moving it from one place to another.

Moreover, the gliders will not put any scratch or stain on your floor while moving it. So, you can easily move the bed without any trouble according to your need.

The bed looks very elegant and classy which will complement the interior of your bedroom flawlessly. The base of the divan is very sturdy and long-lasting which will keep you tension-free over many years. The luxurious and soft suede fabric material gives a soothing feeling as well as makes the bed nice looking.

The memory foam mattress of the bed gives ultimate support to the users and helps them to have a comfortable sleep and relaxation time. The open-coil spring part, wired edging and breathable border give extra support and comfort. The moderate firmness of the mattress is a perfect combination of both support and comfort.


5. The Comfort Night Sleep Divan Bed

The Comfort Night Sleep Magic Ortho Full Divan Bed

Product specification:

  • Colour: Black
  • Foam factor: Upholstered Bed
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Size: 3 feet
  • Best for velvet material

The Comfort Night divan bed is a classy and elegant looking bed with velvet material. The bed will complement the interior of any modern bedroom with its classy velvety outlook. The crushed velvet material will give a soft feeling that makes the bed more comfortable to use.

The unique black colour changes the appearance of your bedroom and makes the environment very much welcoming.

The orthopaedic mattress is a great source of support and comfort to everyone especially those who are undergoing orthopaedic problems and pains in their body. The mattress with medium firmness gives both support and relaxation simultaneously.

The polyester fibre filling makes the mattress cool and prevent users from sweating. On hot days and nights, you can enjoy a soothing and cool relaxation time lying on this comfortable bed.

The dimension of the 3 feet single bed is 93 x 193 cm. The modern style of the bed is an added plus point. In the integrated two drawers of the bed, you can store your necessary things and save the space of your bedroom and keep it more organized.


6. QBDLimited Bed

QBDLimited Bed

Product specification:

  • Colour: Cream Crush
  • Size: double
  • Dimension: 4 feet x 6 feet
  • Material: velvet
  • Best for easy assembling

QBDLimited Bed is another great choice for a small double bed divan in the UK. The assembling process of the bed is so much easy that anyone can fix and assemble the bed. There Is no requirement for expertise to assemble the bed as the manufacturers provide all the necessary fittings and fixtures to assemble the bed.

The package of the bed includes 1 headboard, 1-foot end, 2 side rails, 1 set of slats and 1 middle support. The manufacturers provide all the instructions as well and you can effortlessly assemble the bed without any hassle or additional charge.

The bed is doubled-sized specifically 4 feet x 6 feet. The cream crush colour gives an eye-soothing look and also makes the appearance of your bedroom elegant and classy. The velvet material gives additional comfort and you can lean against the hardboard of the bed without any extra pillow and get ultimate relaxation.


7. Crushed Velvet Divan Bed

Crushed Velvet Divan Bed

Product specification:

  • Size: double
  • Colour: Cream Crush
  • Foam factor: Divan
  • Dimension: 120 cm x 190 cm
  • Best for solid wooden construction

The Crushed Velvet small double bed divan has a solid construction with a timber layer that makes it a durable bed. There is very little chance of damage and breakage as the structure of the bed is very robust and sturdy.

The velvet material of the bed makes it an elegant and classy-looking bed that enhances the beauty of your bedroom and also complements modern interiors. Moreover, The Crushed Velvet bed gives a smooth and silky touch that makes the sleep and relaxation more comfortable and firm.

The dimension of the double bed is 120 cm x 190 cm and has a divan foam factor. The cream crush colour brightens the appearance of your bedroom. The mattress has a 13.5 gauge spring with an open coil and 8 mm wired edge that gives additional support. The thickness of the medium-firm mattress is 8 to 10 inches.


8. Sleep Factory Ltd Divan

Sleep Factory Ltd Divan

Product specification:

  • Size: double
  • Colour: silver
  • Foam factor: Upholstered Bed
  • Dimension: 195.58 x 121.92 x 63.5 cm
  • Best for four drawers

The Sleep Factory divan bed has four drawers that make the bed space-saving. In the four drawers of the bed, you can store your necessary things rather than keeping those on the bed.

Your bed will be clean and organized without any mess as you can store your staffs in the drawers. The bed is not only a source of comfort but also a great source of storage which is extra-convenience for everyone.

The dimension of the bed is 195.58 cm in length, 121.92 in width and 63.5 cm in height furthermore, the weight is 53.6 kilograms. The silver colour with a crush velvet finish makes the bed elegant-looking and classy.

The bed-base material and structure are very durable and solid. The material of the mattress is memory foam that combines both support and comfort. The mattress has air vents that regulate the airflow and dissipates the body temperature. There will be no sweating or heat while lying on the bed.


9. Comfort Night Sleep Divan Bed

Comfort Night Sleep Ltd Crushed Velvet Single Divan Bed set

Product specification:

  • Size: 3 Feet Single
  • Colour: Cream
  • Foam factor: Divan
  • Dimension: 90 x 190 cm
  • Best for medium firmness

The Comfort Night divan has a medium firmness that many people look for in their bed. The mattresses with medium firmness are not too soft or too hard which makes relaxation and sleeping more comfortable.

When the mattress is too soft it may ground orthopaedic problems on the other hand when it is too hard there may not be comfort and ease. But, this bed with a moderate firm mattress combines both support and relief.

The dimension of the 3-feet single bed is 90 x 190 cm. the wood structure is very strong and robust that makes it durable and long-lasting. The cream colour crushed velvet upper surface gives an elegant look and suits any modern interior. The orthopaedic mattress is an ultimate comfort to people who are suffering from body pains and orthopaedic troubles.



From the above review and based on our research we can conclude that the Bed Centre divan bed is the champion among the entire above-mentioned small double divan bed UK.

This small double divan bed with mattress comes with a memory mattress that combines both support and comfort as well as has a graceful grey colour.

Last Updated on 18th September 2023

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