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70 Varieties Types Of Beds – The Ultimate List to Get Buying Idea

Choosing a bed may be a challenging task as there are numerous categories of beds. There are lots of people who are clueless about this issue. Also, while purchasing a bed online, it is tough for choosing the perfect size without trying out physically.

That is why it is essential to perfectly know all the ins and outs of different types and sizes of beds which will allow you to make a wise decision. So, let’s get started!

Different Types Of Beds By Size

Single: The single size is the tiniest one so far. The dimensions of it are 36 x 75 inches. It is perfect for rooms of toddlers and smaller children.

Twin: Twin size is a bit larger than the single one. Here the only difference is in width, i.e. three inches wider than the single size. It measures 39 x 75 inches. The purposes of using this model are almost as same as the earlier one.

Twin XL: The length of twin XL is a bit greater than that of twin size. Its length is 80 inches. It is good enough to furnish rooms for high school going kids. It is also widely used in dorms.

Double: The dimensions of double size bed are 54 x 74 inches. It is an excellent option for the kids’ bit larger rooms. If you want your children to have a bigger sleeping surface, then you should go for this one.

Full: Double model and full model both are generally the same. The lone difference is in their name, which differs according to the UK and US standards.

Queen: This one is one of the most widely used sizes. Most customers prefer to have this size bed. It measures as 60” x 84” on which two people can sleep.

King: The dimensions of the King size bed are 76” x 80”. It is perfect for a couple of bed. It allows us to have the required distance. So, you will not have to search for the mattresses which are motionless.

California King: It is the most significant bed size available in the market other than the bigger customized ones. The dimensions of this bed are 72” x 84”. It made for large-sized master bedrooms.

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Rare Bed Types

All the options mentioned above are commonly familiar options available in the market. Now let’s dive into some exciting options which are not so familiar.

Book Bed: It is invented by Japanese families to fix the issues related to space. After unfolding, it becomes a quilt with pillows. It can also use as a regular bed. After folding, children can make it their mat for playing.

Rocking Bed: Are you a fan of rocking sensation? Then this is the perfect bed for you. Its foundation made of round wooden structure resembling the foundation of the rocking-chair. When you push, it will start to rock.

Vertical Bed: Now it is not necessary to lean down for sleeping. This vertical bed coats the sleeper in a fitted, comfortable foam which ensures enough support to the body to sleep in the upright position.

Letto Zip: Letto Zip allows to quickly gather and zip-in the mess created after leaving the bed. You do not need to do the dull activity of rearranging bed in the morning.

Enignum Bed: Enignum is designed by Irish born designer Joseph Walsh which makes an intimate environment for the user. It embraces the sleeper and shelters him in natural translation indoor. It is suitable for more spacious bedrooms.

Magnetic Floating Bed: It is a tremendously high-tech invention. It floats taking advantage of the opposing permanent magnets which have industrial strength. It can hold up to 900 kilograms weight, and that is relatively significant.

Concealed: A vault comes with this bed. In the top part, you will get a mattress, and at the bottom part, you are getting a 10-gauge steel box which queen sized. They attached with 1/4 inches thick hinged doors; each of them weighs like 140 pounds.

Sonic Bed: It is an excellent option for the people who want to enjoy soothing music in the background while sleeping. This bed has a moveable unit—this unit designated for playing music to fall you in a deeper sleep.

Wave Bed: The design of this bed is awe-inspiring. Its sides resemble as waves. A wooden ladder centrally placed, allowing access to wave bed. It is convenient because the underneath area is serviceable.

The Rest Types

Double Decker: This bed is also widely known as a bunk bed. It is perfect for the bedrooms shared by some children. Generally, one bed stands on top of others. Now other variations of this bed are available as well.

Bunk bed including Trundle: It is undoubtedly the best bunk bed. It offers traditional bunk design, but along with a trundle. This bed can accommodate three people, and they will not have to share their single space. It is quite a convenient option must say!

Canopy: It designed to offer privacy and preserve the warmth. These beds are famous for their luxurious design. this bed connected with a canopy, which can drape or left open as per your preferences

Divan: This one is typically preferable for the people having limited space. Most of the Divan beds come with drawers that allow extra storage space. Divan has a soft headboard. It is also suitable for sitting arrangements.

Murphy: The highest significant feature of Murphy bed can fold it into the wall. This bed is so high in space-saving.

Hanging: This unique bed is quite impressive. A hanging bed not suggested for long-term use but you can use it for recreation purposes. It hangs from the ceiling into the midair.

L-Shaped Bunk: This L-Shaped Bunk is analogous to the regular bunks. The beds are aligned formulating an L-shape, and This is a convenient and space-saving bed.

Poster: This bed constructed with four vertical pillars which placed in the four separate corners. They can be available in different forms and shapes. They are extremely popular to the people having larger bedrooms.

Pencil Poster Bed: This design was quite impressive in earlier times. It was popular during the 18th century, and It has come from the civilization of New England. This bed has four helpful posts which are thin. The thickness of the posts is the crucial difference between that regular poster bed and this one.

Low Poster: The foremost difference between a usual one and this low poster is, this bed has lower posters. Their height is only a few inches.

Half Poster: This bed is unique for different posters. Posters in the front are mainly short, even shorter than that of a lower poster bed. Here the posters besides headboard are higher. This design is the core difference.

Ottoman Bed: Its design is particularly exciting and unique. It can use as a usual footrest throughout the day. After unfolding, it turns into a single bed or twin bed.

Contemporary Canopy: It is the canopy bed of new age whose frame design is quite thin. It does not have any extravagant adornment like the traditional ones. It makes the fitting with the existing décor a lot easier.

Traditional Canopy: Traditional canopy is flashy and decorative. It also features a series of bulky posts. These posts generally made of massive wood which connected to the headboard and foot. All of them heavily decorated.

Platform: It is a bulky bed featuring a robust platform which holds the mattress. It can hold so much pressure on it.

Hammock: The hammock is the hanging bed which is mainly appropriate for recreational purposes. It is excellent for camping. It very widely seen in gardens.

Folding: This bed is the most convenient as it saves a lot of space. It is excellent for them who have issues with enough space.

Loft Bunk: It is an excellent solution for the people who want to use the additional space underneath the bed. This bed typically used in smaller rooms where you have to fit both a desk and a bed.

Sleigh: The main feature of this bed is it is a lookalike of the sleigh. It is a very appealing and trendy bed. It compliments so many different beautiful designs.

Twin Over Full Bunk: The upper bed is twin-sized, and the lower bed is a regular full bed. It is excellent for the people having two kids of whom one is a bit older than another.

Trundle: Trundle is popular in furnishing kids’ room. This one is a two in one bed taking the space for only one bed while being unfolded. The beds are folded neatly one underneath another and unfolded before bedtime.

Panel: The panel bed designed to actively support and hold both the mattress and the mattress foundation and It has a large headboard made of solid wood or metal.

Cabin: The cabin is a part of the family of a bunk bed. This bed is all a kid will need. There are varieties of different colours, sizes and styles are available to choose according to your desire.

Cot: Cots are much convenient and lifesavers if you face unexpected guests’ night stayovers frequently. You can just unfold it up when you need it. This portable bed can be effortlessly stored when not in use.

Half Tester: Half tester is similar to the design of the poster bed. But half of the tester’s feet are lower. This elegant bed mostly see in old homes which were so fashionable in the earlier days.

Storage: Storage is just a regular bed with massive storing capacities. As it can store a lot of things, it significantly saves space. It is essential for people having a limited place in their home.

Air: You should be clear that air bed is not an air mattress. It is somewhat permanent and is designed only for home usage, and It can design as a pull-out couch or as a regular bed.

Water: The main characteristic of this bed is that it is jam-packed with water—this bed used for therapies. But sometimes people also use them domestically. Very few people still use it.

Upholstered: This bed’s popularity has been emerging since the last some of the years. Its stunning headboards are mainly soft. This soft headboard helps to sit in the Upholstered bed comfortably.

Sofa: The sofa bed is very analogous to futons. It constructed inside of a usual couch. When you need extra space, first pull it out. This one is quite a handy option.

Lighted: The lighted bed widely used since the past few years and This bed come with LED lights attached headboard. It adds an extra glitter to the ordinary bedroom.

Deluxe Couch-Bed: It is not only just a coach but also can be pulled out and converted in a bed. You can very quickly turn your couch into a deluxe bunk bed.

Day: The day bed is a multipurpose bed; They can be used for sleeping, sitting or lounging. They typically used in visitor rooms.

Adjustable: This bed can adjust in different positions. It delivers the perfect support and comfort as per your preference, and You can raise not only the bed head but also the bed feet.

Modern: This bed style is sleek and straightforward. This one widely preferred because of its simplicity in design.

Cottage: It is an antique bed that has such fancy and fascinating headboards. It comes with various carvings. It is known for its painted decorations.

Mission: Its design is unique, up-to-date, sleek and classy. Its main characteristic is, it mainly focuses on the straight vertical and horizontal lines.

Traditional: This bed comes with the regular features of earlier times. This one can be canopies, half-testers or any other styles used so many times ago; This traditional furniture can add exciting fusion to the contemporary bedrooms.

Country: This style of bed has a rustic appeal. It made of wood and came with a low headboard.

Retro: It is generally a blend of some different things. It has so many vintage designs and old-fashioned details.

Rustic: The rustic bed gives a rustic appeal. It especially resembles the look of country bed without any modern features.

French: This one is quite an elegant bed. It comes with romantic headboards. Sometimes they also come with specific footboards.

Mid-Century: Mid-Century bed’s design was typical for the 1900s. It generally made of wood. It provides the whole bedroom with a vintage appeal.

Metal: The metal-based bed is widespread and affordable. It is effortless to port around as it is very lightweight.

Wood: Wood is one of the most aged materials used for beds. It is beautifully painted, carved, and cut that makes excellent furnitures.

Woven: This one is an incredibly antique bed which is also quite popular now. It is a perfect looking and authentic piece of furniture.

Brass: Brass is quite elegant if it can properly use. It brings a lustrous old-fashioned appeal. This appeal is valued by many people now.

Futon: Futon mattress is the most excellent solution for smaller rooms. It is both a couch and a bed. When you do not need any of them, you can easily rely on the other.

Ornate: The frame of this bed makes it unique. It comes with a bunch of delicate details which creates ornate bed more than beautiful.

Wrought Iron: It is incredibly durable, which brings vintage appeal. It comes with scrollwork in the bed head, and It also has footboards. The material of this bed is pretty heavy but incredibly reliable.

Bookcase: The bookcase bed frame comes with available bookshelves which you will find at the headboard. It is a perfect bed for frequent readers and also for those who need additional shelf space with their bed.

Distressed: The distressed bed looks so vintage and quite impressive. It intentionally looks like it has certain imperfections and flaws which will give a vibe that it has taken from a fashionable home from the period of 1950s.

Futon Bunk: It is a convenient bed featuring a futon placed underneath a bed. It brings more space for sleeping in the room.


So, these are some major bed types and styles. It is advantageous to be conscious that there are numerous options to choose from them.

Hope now it can be helpful for your bedroom furnishing and you will be able to choose wisely as per your taste and preference.

Last Updated on 2nd January 2023

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